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New Normal Rovers 0 vs Normality Nomads 5, (A.Zuma 23, B. Rail 46, W.Spoon 52, K. Bab 66, K. Bacher 82)

Anyone with nowt better to do than reading this shite will be aware that SAFCBlog is rarely as good as average. 

I had planned to do a detailed preview of Swindon Away, buts what’s the point?

Snap shot Saturdays……

Swindon Away…..

“Easy as A, B, C ???”

“Easy as A, B, C?”

As alluded to by deceased dodge-pot Micheal Jackson, it used to be so easy?

Any adult of sane mind will know the The Chase is the best programme on TV by an absolute mile. Whilst King Bradley is on hand 5 evenings a week to keep us in a semblance of normality. Sadly the new normal, is an absolute bag of shite. 
A, B, C….. used to be a pretty straight forward choice?

SAFCBlog 0 vs ITV 1, (Walsh, 50)….

“Reasonable cash builder, and well done for not taking the low offer – that’s piss poor behaviour on every level”

“Question 1, Swindon Town Away……

……. only one of these is the new normal, which one is it?

A…..5.30am alarm, walk dogs, taxi into town, train, train cans, pub, game, home, pub, bed

B……6.30am alarm, walk dogs, 1 driver, 3 drinkers, day of chatting shite and having a laugh, Football, home for a nightcap and a kebab

C……. don’t bother with alarm, just walk the dogs whenever

Sadly the answer is C. I’m desperate for a day out with my pals, on the piss, bumbling around some random Strange Town, following the Red & White Wizards of Wonderland

Sat at home and the lads kick off in 2 hours, it’ll never be normal. Match report online later as usual. Might not be such a bad day after all, as Rangers doing the job so far……


So far so good – ⚽️🇬🇧
“Not All Heroes Wear Capes – another local derby for these lads👏👏”

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