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Giddy about the match tomorrow, just wasted an hour of my life that never ever get back, (not what Fridays are for?), watching The Chase, typical that I missed yesterdays history making Final Chase?

Fuming ????

How it started….

Year 5 of this shite now, I’m genuinely humbled that anyone takes the time, (whether it be always or occasionally), to read, it’s hard to make a case that there’s been any improvement in the content/quality, but it got me through lockdown and it’s eventually got me to a good place. Purely by chance issue 1, was the annual leek exchange day….


2020, COVID 1 vs Real leek life 0

2021, thanks to Ukrainian Harold Bishop Tribute Act for his help

2022, bumper crop

2023????? You don’t get this content at The Athletic?

SAFCBlog Competition News

Only 2 entries for the socks, 1 of which was disqualified due to not meeting the entry requirements, the winner has been notified and will receive their prize next week, much talk of draws being fixed? Even I can’t fix a draw with only 1 entrant being in?

Non Injury News….

I like Luke, I like his commitment, he would head a bowling ball if required? His joviality at his piggy back, (professional foul), that cost us 2 points pissed me off, his kissing someone at Norwich pissed me off, if I kissed someone who didn’t want kissing, (I wouldn’t), in my workplace, I’d be rightly slaughtered?

Days off are generally better than days at work, I quite enjoy folding t shirts, (can’t make a living from it), I enjoy renting warehouse space less so, (can just about make a living from it). I’ve not, (to date), been a professional footballer, but for fucks sake what’s going on Luke?


Bang up for another Wembley victory, it’s hard enough writing this shite when we have games, although by the time I’ve reviewed the season, it’ll be time for Doncaster, Hartlepool, Mansfield etc away in July.

Marketing not my bag, but the simplicity of this graphic is very clever. Too time consuming and expensive for SAFCBlog, but I’ll watch on TV in my red pants.

Music is good, as is love, I love New Order – I’d rather be younger, but I have enjoyed seeing them all over the world in the last 5 decades, the music won’t ever be complete, but them coming to play where I live is very decent of them….

Giddy…. Strong look this in SR5 1990

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  1. Tremendous blog ????????. Never stop they give me an escape and we always seem to like the same things.

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