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It’s Friday I’m in Love…..

SAFCBlog loves Fridays, it’s the last day of the working week, (for most), it’s the day before the match, it’s just great to go to the pub early doors on a Friday. At present it doesn’t really matter what day it is, work has gone to shit, there’s no match to look forward to, the pubs are shut. I totally understand the reasons and am still of the mind that I’m going to avoid catching a killer disease if I can….. but, whichever way you look at it – Friday isn’t really Friday anymore

Friday – Still Good?

Following extensive research,I’m struggling to rank Friday as any different to the other 6 days, (given the current hiatus from football and pubs)

At least this ‘jumped up little gobshite’ has fallen off the radar?
Always wondered why we eat fish on a Friday? Game of opinions, but for me, ‘I’ve seen more evidence as to the existence of Ronald than JC!’
Open for business again…..”what’s your name and where d’ya come from?……we’re gonna have a Lorra Lorra Laughs’

Any Sport to Report?

Having celebrated the return of Pigeon and Horse Racing, (two separate sports), earlier this week – there’s not much on the radar?

“Sacre Bleu……. what a ruddy, bloody shame – I had some new chinos, a striped shirt and had perfected the over the shoulder jumper toss….. oh well ce le vie”

The Best League in the World……

This TV schedule actually depresses me somewhat…..

Good to see BBC making strides and showing it’s not all about ££££ – ‘Bournemouth vs Palace….. the BIG one…’

Sunderland AFC

Not a lot happening, people have twigged that our owners are full of shite, I’ve said my piece on them consistently since their arrival. So no more to add, aside to say – they’ll be gone soon, certainly by the time we are allowed to go to games again, (January 2021 seems to be the educated guess/opinion?)


“I’ve never been a Non Executive Director of a Football Club, (as yet), but now the dust has settled about him stealing a coat from Jack Ross…… NOW, would seem like an appropriate, wise and advisable time to hear from those at the club who aren’t out of favour?”(** he isn’t really a coat thief)


Said my piece – but what an absolute shambles! Wimbledon now buddying up to MK Dons to preserve their status in L1, everyone has their price?

Make you own minds up whoever you support, but just consider these 2 case studies, (teams from either end of the league, neither of which I have any connection to)……..





Almost……. just fancy a few pints and a Tuesday night in Scunthorpe
SAFCBlog – Not as good as it used to be – FTM

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