SAFCBlog Friday Night Nothing Better to do do Division 3 Spezial Needs Klub….

It’s going to lash it down all day tomorrow, we don’t play til Sunday at noon

It’s been a long season, ordinarily the season flies by, this campaign every Saturday / Tuesday has been the same – ultimately that’s miles away from the real world of following the Red n White Wizards of Wonderland, it’s bad enough writing this shite, I can only imagine that reading it is similarly poor?

The game on Sunday is an irrelevance – it’s the kind of game where you’d be saying, avoid injuries, avoid red cards, rest your star players…..that’s not so straight forward when you have no idea of your best 11 and lack quality?

Final Push……

Northampton are utter shite, SAFCBlog predicts….. SAFC 6 vs NTFC 1

A very Strange Season……

It’s been very different for me, we all have our routine and circle of friends…. the last 14 months has been a real challenge. Realistically it’s led to a huge increase in the readership of SAFCBlog, although that’s not really of any interest to me. As a Professional Digital Jornalist(*), it’s both interesting and engaging when people comment on articles, it’s perhaps a reflection of the audience that I had more messages re: Big Brenda from Ripon Greggs, than I have on any other subject! It’s only fair to not give peoples full names…..

Whilst Sunday is a nothing game, wouldn’t it be great to be there? Borderline Blogging a Deed Horse at present, let’s win the playoffs and I’ll have sabbatical, (religious for a holiday)….. onwards and fucking upwards🔴⚪️⚫️

SAFCBlog – Barely worth reading – FTM

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