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Last time we played at Watford was about 6 years ago, a few days earlier we’d won 3-0 to send the Mags down and a secure a 10th consecutive season in the best league in the world. Since then it’s been mostly shite, but after Wednesday I’m actual feeling giddy as the proverbial kipper.

Celebratory nature aside, the aforementioned previous trip to Watford was quite a day, Shirley we won’t end up in a in a Reality TV Show this time?

Prior to thinking about tomorrow, it would be remiss not to look back on Wednesday….

A tremendous performance

Reading are crap, but we were sensational. The only player not to have a tremendous game was Patterson, but it’s not his fault he had nothing to do. I mentioned yesterday how live sport can excite, I spent yesterday just thinking about Wednesday, some nights just make all the misery worthwhile.

Whilst SAFCBlog is known internationally for its detailed professional analysis of the 90 minutes, anyone who watched the game on Wednesday doesn’t need to read about it, we all saw, that ball from Embleton, that step over from Neil, the finishing from Roberts etc etc

The lad from Man U is lightening, the 9 minutes we saw from the Costa Rican Pele was incredible, SAFCBlog is always mindful to not get carried away, but this kid could be very, very special.

Liquid Football

The 3rd goal the other night was a thing of beauty, can’t stop watching it? 8 players, 18 seconds, 1 goal, 🌎⚽️💥


It’s a fair hike, but it’s less so than Reading. Not unlike Norwich they will be expecting to bounce back at the first attempt, I’d expect them to be challengers although by all accounts they were absolute garbage at Blackburn on Tuesday night. Watford have had an extra 24 hours to rest, but we’re just arsing about playing golf etc between games, so we should be fairly fresh? I’m not sure of the professional protocol in modern football, but you’ve got hope they got absolutely trolleyed on Wednesday night?

It’s International Break after tomorrow, whilst optimism is rightly high, a draw would be a good result to take into the break, after which we return to two home games. There is part of me that thinks we might be a bit flat after being so high the other night, but I don’t really have any rationale for that.

SAFCBlog Predicts….. I genuinely have no idea, so WFC 1 vs SAFC 3 sounds as good as anything.

Other News

The winners of t shirts in the exciting SAFCBlog prize draw in conjunction with have been notified and will receive them next week, after another completely random computer generated draw, thanks for all the entries, you’ve got to be in it to win it✅

Tomorrow is our 10th league fixture, we are doing well and in addition to being competitive in every game, we are playing some really good stuff. The next 5 after Watford are Preston, Blackpool, Swansea, Wigan & Blackburn, aside from Blackburn they are are fairly shite, and Shirley Big Tony will have the measure of Blackburn?

Issue 2, games 6-10 up next

The most common assessment of SAFCBlog is it’s prolific. Match report tomorrow night, (or maybe Sunday) and then a review of games 6-10. What a time to be a consumer of Free to air Digital SAFC based content, when I was young it was just the odd snippet in the newspaper, even going back 10 years people had to read that shite written on messageboards etc. I’ll be at 1000 articles soon🔥

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