SAFCBlog Furlough Friday Fuckwit Frappuccino Family….

Google 1 vs Notepad 0, (some clever fucker, 68, pen)

Low Quality Blog….. all about opinions, but hard to argue otherwise? I hit the post when the doomed Barnsley stayed up and the much awaited collaboration with @halftimepiesite on Twitter was off the radar? Tomorrow we were scheduled to play Blackpool, similarly a absolute festival of media output was on the cards, the only consolation is that @cooksleft, (Twitter again), will be on hand to collaborate some shite come December?

Furlough Fuckwit FC 1 vs Exponential Eagles 1, (Hancock, 2, E,(the eagle), Edwards 34)

No game tomorrow is shite, there’s loads of clever fuckers out there…. but pre March I’d reckon less than 1% of the population had used the word furlough….. anyone who claims to have been familiar with the term exponential is a Methven?

No game Saturdays …..

We’re not playing tomorrow, due to having a team packed with international superstars…. but h’way you Westminster Wankers….. 3000 at the Albert Hall, 4700 at the O2 Arena, surely we can have a few at footie?

Common sense Corinthians 0 vs Fucking Idiot Rovers 1, (Hancock, 11)

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