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Cardiff City FC lacked any creativity this afternoon, but more can be said for the choice of carpets in the Great Western Wetherspoons”

It would be a lovely bit of irony to be drafted in on Easter Monday to resurrect this publication from the depths of despair, however that is wishful thinking.

Early start for the guest blogger brigade, 5am, a cold coffee and a specially crafted playlist at the ready. “Shall we stop of Tibshelf or Woodall? They’ve both got decent tiled floors…shut up and drive knobhead”

Cardiff is miles away. I fancy SAFC today. I was away for the reverse fixture against Cardiff but managed to watch the game in a sports bar in Latvia (I imagine thats a niche request amongst punters in Riga). It was a dire 90 mins and SAFC were dreadful, Cardiff’s season has derailed, relegation is a real threat and I don’t suspect we’ll see much of a different outfit today.

We really sold the prospect of watching SAFC to the Latvian locals… they were obviously delighted.

The team

O’Nien not travelled today, that changes things at the back. The squad is thin, but still full of potential and excitement. Amad is unplayable on his day and Roberts is magic. As this will most likely be my last guest blog of the season, a special mention to Batth who’s been brilliant and the most consistent player this season IMO. 

I try not to carried away about what ifs (if you want to hear that, flick talksport on about 4pm), but with a fit striker (Ross Stewart) I suspect SAFC would be challenging for 2nd spot. 

The game

SAFC the better outfit throughout the game

Cardiff were poor and lacked any real conviction for 90 minutes. I spoke to a couple of Cardiff fans after the game and they were very frustrated at their lack of pressing and lack of opportunities.

It was difficult to see whether Clarkes goal was offside or not from the away end, in the heat of the moment not one person of 2600 thought so, but SAFCblog super computer replays will confirm.

One thing that can be said, is that it’s frustrating not having a number 9, but it’s probably not as bad as having Connor Wickham, had someone put cement in his boots?

Dan Neil needs to work on his shooting, he finds space and gets in good positions but more often than not he skies it over the bar. 

A good finish from Cirkin from a well worked free kick from Alex Pritchard. 

All in all, a fair result and a good 3 points. Cardiff were poor and their football was negative (not Reading under Ince negative, but lacking)- the atmosphere from the home end was flat and it felt like a club and a fan base that had accept their season has fizzled into the abyss with now a real threat of relegation looming.

3 points for SAFC keeps the hope of a top 6 finish alive. These lads refuse to give up and refuse to kill the dream of giving us all another day out in the capital. But it’s a hike, and this will be much tougher than last year. But never say never… it’s the hope that kills you. 


Would been quicker/easier to go to fucking wales?

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