SAFCBlog Happy Valley Fridays…..

We play Charlton tomorrow, thinking back 489 days, the last time I went to sleep pre Charlton was a huge event….. after dispatching Portsmouth, I was convinced we’d beat Charlton. We didn’t, we didn’t deserve to and as the saying goes, never look back.

Pre match ✅✅✅✅✅
Same old, same old ❌❌

Clean slate tomorrow…..

They’ve had a poor start, we’ve had a good start. They came down last year with 48 points and 12 wins….. ultimately you need to finish above 3 teams, but we came down with 37 points and 7 wins, (43 would have kept us up), so you’d have to say they were a bit unlucky last season?

You are what you wear….

Jacks tenure came to a natural end, this is him rocking yesterdays press conference……


“Jack, how does it feel to be the best dressed man in football?”…… “och aye, I didnae give a shit wee man, I cannae get wa yous ganning on aboot. I just like the clothes if ya Ken wa a mean wee man?”


“Phil, lots of people have shitter hair than they did pre COVID, but have you got any plans to got some new jumpers?”……”it’s Mr Parkinson young man, it’s half term in 2 weeks, the geography field trip is in doubt, so I will address your question then”


“Words fail me Lee”…… “errrrr yeah, errrrrrr”

Wrong uns are us……

Lee Bowyer has done a great job at Charlton, not dissimilar to Barton at Fleetwood, he’s shown what can be achieved when a group of players are together as a team and physically fitter than the rest? Like Barton, lots don’t like him. Chucking chairs in McDonalds and unproven, alleged chasing and beating chaps of Asian origin in Mill Hill, LS1 didn’t lend themselves to popularity? Camera phones there weren’t! 

Aiden McGeady has been reported elsewhere as a bad apple who bullied some of the younger players – SAFCBlog isn’t in a position to pass comment on this. He was on loan at Charlton last season – sadly they didn’t want to keep him.

Marcus Maddison is a great player, I don’t know, but he seems to be a handful off the pitch. He touted himself for a move to us in summer, I’m glad we didn’t sign him – we are a bigger club than any individual player. We could also have created Will Grigg-esque pressure & expectations? Beautiful game etc……but we could do with someone to clatter him early doors!?

He’s a keeper……

Dillion Phillips gifted us an early lead at Wembley, like lots of others I wasn’t watching the action as there was no threat. He’s still at the club, but won’t play tomorrow- credit where it’s due; he made an error, but his save to stop Grant making it 2-0 was absolutely sublime.

SAFCBlog predicts…..

Win 3-0 ….. job done✅⚽️

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