SAFCBlog Highlighter Pen Saturday SPZL

Coronation Saturday

Not my bag, but as always, watch / don’t watch, bizarre how bothered some folk are about folk watching

Good to see Ant or Dec, absolutely off his tits at 11am on a Saturday morning, (hopefully he’s not driving his mum and dog and crashing into innocent pushchairs later?)


Not much happens at SAFCBlog HQ, BIG day today though, after the excitement of the mystery notebook from an SAFCBlog admirer….. SAFCBlog been a bit Graph Light of late, due to a fat brown bastard eating my highlighter pens.

Then….Was quite cute?

Now…..less cute and eats pens

Bet that Shite Blackpool Blogger Matt doesn’t have this?

It humbles me greatly that anyone reads this shite, a high proportion of my friends are through football, through writing this blog I’ve met some really lovely people, actually and virtually, (not in a cranky internet friend way though), that someone would send me highlighter pens means the world to me. Thankyou xxx I’m too cool for emotional stuff, but this is absolutely classxxxx Bumper Graph SPZL edition of SAFCBlog on Monday night. Let’s hope the pens have a trip to London in a few weeks x I’ll pack my green bag just in case


We have to win on Monday, it may or may not be enough? I can’t be arsed to look at the possibilities, no doubt the official site will clear things up?

Keep it simple…..


Let’s just win and see what happens eh?

No game Saturdays

Whilst it’s a bit shit, I’m borderline giddy for Monday, whatever transpires it’s been a wonderful season, the future has never felt so good. See you at Preston x and maybe at Wembley xx

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1 thought on “SAFCBlog Highlighter Pen Saturday SPZL

  1. This edition of the blog should have come with a warning ⚠️ for the horror pic of the talentless zombies…

    Love the highlighters,,, should see some quality graphs in the near future..

    ???????????????? Another enjoyable read

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