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No midweek game? > It’s been a while, It’s amazing what you get used to, did we really go 14 months without going to the football?

The Week Ahead…..

Home game ✅ Then a Home game ✅
Then an Away game, closer than a home game ✅✅

It’s a squad game…..

A condensed 46, (maybe even 49), game season means this has never been more so. Our first 11 are plenty good enough, we dodged a bit of a bullet last year, as if Stewart had got badly injured we’d have been fucked. Acknowledging the need the for players is one thing, as is having the resources – I think as a club we are on board with both of these. Identifying the right, available players, is another thing all together? This is tough as everyone is searching for the same, (forget the January window as it’s desperation central), that said todays signing excites me greatly✅

18 years old and just flown half way round the world, the impact may understandablynot be immediate? I love South American Football, I don’t write a blog about it or anything, but do follow it, this kid could be one of the most exciting signings in years.


Like many others, watching SAFC excites me, but lets not pretend otherwise – it’s been pretty desperate watching us for the last 6 years or so. This season is already good✅ better grounds, better football. Onwards and Upwards🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️

Fat Brown Bastard News…..

Aye, just as well you’re cute“
Last week….
Caught in the act…… Shirley a 5 year old dog shouldn’t eat the SKY remote at any opportunity, (remote number 4 this year pictured)

Next Manager Odds

No surprise to see Stoke sack their gaffer today, he was getting pelters at full time on Saturday, once you lose the fans, I believe the technical term is The jobs fucked?

Alex Neil mentioned in the odds for Stoke, more chance of me winning an award for blogging….

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