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Tonight’s Division 3 schedule……
Saturday’s Division 3 schedule…..

Jobs Fucked Athletic FC 0 vs Jobs Fixed Academicals FC 1, (Builder, B, 21)

SAFCBlog has been fairly pessimistic as regards this season continuing, the EFL haven’t given it any thought – I’ve had the SAFCBlog Super Computer to Tandy today, it needs a new transponder, then it should be 100% accurate, (**)

Breaking news………..

Wigan vs Hull, (more of a rugby league game anyway?), is off due to Wigan having Bat Flu…..

Latest news……. SAFC will play Hull City on Saturday night….
DMs always open Christine💜

I’m currently watching Man Utd play Man City on SKY….. Kevin De Bruyne has just rattled the bar from 22 yards…. it’s FA cup weekend, at 7.45pm on Saturday night SKY will be showcasing SAFC vs Hull City…. it’s quite a niche watch? But….. at least it saves us £10 subscribing to the Club Stream?

I can’t be arsed to check, but we seem to play Hull quite a lot, they are one of the better teams in this league, our last game vs Northampton was about as much fun as walking round Manchester with a hole in your shoe, Northampton are absolutely dreadful, but they deserved their point. I’m guessing we will lose 0-2 to Hull, but I can’t be bothered to look at form, top scorers etc.

Tinpot Media Tosspots FC 0 vs Blog Badgers AFC 1, (Cook, M🍊, 11)

I occasionally watch the news, I subscribe to The Times online, I buy the Harrogate Advertiser every Thursday….. news is shite, I’d suspect the Interweb will offer a match preview?.. crack on…… here’s what you really need to know about Hull…..

The Old Town…..

As good a day on the lash as you can have in this country!

The Tigers…….

I’d forgotten Glynn Snodin played for Hull City?

To Hull and back, what a Hullabaloo etc…..

Whoever we play seem to offer a few famous celebs from the town, whether it be Leeds United Ambassador Jimmy Saville or a prostitute killer representing Ipswich Town, there’s interesting links a plenty out there? For some reason Hull is an absolute hotbed of Celebs……

*The Housemartins

* Blind Super Shagger John Prescott

* Bullesye compere Tony Green

“You’ve won a speedboat……. well that’s really fucking handy Tony”

* Air Hostess Amy Johnson


…… it’s a bizarrely long list, Maureen Lipman, Emmerdale farm stunner Gemma Oaten

FTM – STAY SAFC …. STAY SAFE ⚫️🔴⚪️⚫️🔴⚪️⚫️🔴⚪️⚫️🔴⚪️

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