SAFCBlog – Liam Gallagher, (Away), Match Report


Summer is good, no football is shite…..
“Not long now…….”

Let’s party like it’s 2022…..

“It’s totally normal to have a dog birthday party, isn’t it?”
With bowls of dog beer? ”

Big do at the Palace this weekend, given the year is an even number, it should mean we have a Euros or a World Cup to fill the void, alas there’s not and the fucking season is starting on 30th July whilst I’m still on holiday. Got to keep my powder dry for a few more weeks, as the execution of a 2020 threat of a stadium ban for SAFCBlog from a short armed prick is still a slight possibility? Charlie Methvren is an absolute corrupt whopper, I’d actually trust him to feed my cat and put my bins out more than I would FIFA…. a winter World Cup is a bit weird, not being able to get Judy Finneganned on local ales is annoying, a regime that advocates marrying kids, executing people for their sexuality and treating the fairer sex as they do is abhorrent, obviously I want England to win it and Scotchland to fail, (**….. oh they already have ⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿), but I’m far from onboard with Quatar 2022.

Happy New Year….

“Blond, right please”

New Year not my bag….. forced fun > game next day > time of refection > always feel a bit melancholy / a bit sad….. the end of the football season is when I make life decisions, having eaten crap for the last 50 years, I’m done with processed food, I’m genuinely really sorry Gaz and Kris, but SAFCBlog is 16 days into vegetarianism….🌎 worlds gone mad!!!

A Digital World…… SAFCBlog is powered by all manner of clever computer shite…. for anyone, (like myself), trained in data, graphs and digital shite, it’s a simplistic formula….

***&dataDaTa+>higHvoltage*#bLond =RIGHT✅sIDe=BIGgestBANGErs%@****((

Liam Gallagher, (Away)….

Music is great, plenty of differing genres & opinions, but it’s definitely great, regardless of your music of choice Liam is bang on top of his game at the moment. The few friends I have will be quick to point out that I no longer have a proper job, although in my capacity as a Part time fashionista…… Liam > 1st night of his tour > at Man City > almost an obligation to be there…..
“Paper Cup Morreti Wednesday Klub”

Proper setlist✅ Oasis are sublime, to be fair Wall of Glass, More Power & Diamonds in the Dark are equally sublime, Once is an absolute thing of beauty.

Man City Away…..

Normally crap, a 2-2 and 3-3 when we should have won and loads of defeats, we almost stayed to the end this time……

“Haway lads, he’s played Wonderwall, lets do one”….. (SAFCBlog Photographer pictured doing the square joe root fuck all whilst I captured the moment). Hard to see him cutting it in the Championship?
“1 job > 2 hours > 70 miles > piss poor”

“Rock and Roll…..”

It isn’t football, but it was very, very good …… All roads lead to the Championship⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️

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