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SAFC Blog look both ways

SAFCBlog regularly alludes to the wisdom of, never look back. As we enter unchartered medical territory, looking forward is somewhat off the radar, so in a change of tactic, I’ll be looking back lots in the coming months.

Football is just a game, realistically it’s highly unlikely that we will see any football for some months? No one knows, but I’d be amazed if we start next season on time. With this in mind, I’m going to diversify slightly. 

Writing an Award Winning Lifestyle, Culture and Football Blog, is an ongoing challenge. The focus has previously been on match previews, match reviews, player ratings, transfer news etc…..obviously in the absence of these, there is a danger that the blog could become irrelevant and lacking cutting edge!  

Football is of course only scheduled to be on hold til 03 April, which means we are scheduled to play against Shrewsbury on Saturday 04 April. There’s obviously absolutely zero chance of this happening. 

Its unprecedented  territory, voiding the season, (surely the only option?), will of course have winners and losers? I hadn’t written off automatic promotion, but the play offs were looking the likely outcome – we can’t do owt about it, just come back next year and piss the league. Bolton, Southend etc are sitting pretty? Conversely ………Coventry😁, just brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

Im bored of writing about COVID-19, so  I’ll leave that one. Until we’ve got something to look forward to, I’ll be writing lots of stuff looking back…. as always, if you don’t like it, don’t read it…..

Sometimes, it’s nice to ‘look back?’

Less is more?

With no football on the horizon, I’m going to take a break for a few days, and then write less often – with a focus on making the content better. With this in mind it seemed only right to make this a Bumper Edition of SAFCBlog. This obviously depends on how bored I am – but as always, no pressure to read, like, share, follow etc – it genuinely matters not to me.

One last look forward…….

We haven’t got any games to look forward to, worse still I’ll miss seeing mates, bumbling around towns etc. Loads went to Blackpool yesterday, I didn’t bother, but I’m still mindful of the fixture list that is no more……

Guide to what to do on Matchday…..

Fraught times ahead for football fans, I’m already at the stage where I’m not even bothering to put the TV on?

Blackpool, (A), 14.03.20

Shite day yesterday – but SAFCBlog survived

Bury, (H), 21.03.20

We’ve known that this match wasn’t going to happen for months now.

SAFCBlog Advice…. just do whatever you were going to do, if you’re at a loose end, go to the beach. Sunderland has some fantastic beaches and in a time when everyone is panicking about contamination – a bracing spring day on the beach is a great option.

All of these images were taken with 2 miles of the SOL

The only thing better than going to the beach, is taking a dog with you, (obviously you need a dog to do this).

Southend, (A), 28.03.20

Southend is a long, long way – added to this, it’s pretty fucking depressing once you get there.

SAFCBlog Advice….stay at home, SAFCBlog favourite Rachel Riley is from Southend. Without adverts you’ll be able to watch a full week of Countdown on catch up TV between 3pm and 4.50pm

Countdown….. not as good as The Chase, but worth a watch

Shrewsbury, (H), 04.04.20

Whilst Shrewsbury are a nothing Club who are overachieving at this level, they seem to excite themselves that we give a shit about them? They have a bit of a love in with Newcastle, the game being called off will at least save a few hundred Mags coming over for a police escort?

Newcastle fans….. A very, very special breed

SAFCBlog Advice….like the football club, the town of Shrewsbury is a bit of an non-entity? Obviously we were meant to be at home, the best Shrewsbury related  celebrity I could find was Charles Darwin….

Charles Darwin

Given they’ll be nowt open by April, SAFCBlog thought it might be an idea to sit at home, (drinking obviously), researching Darwin……

Forget that, just do the drinking bit of the proposed plan!

AFC Wimbledon, (A), 10.04.20

Wimbledon play at Kingstonian. It was always going to be a pain in the arse getting down there on Good Friday, but we’d have been there.

SAFCBlog Advice….still in the planning stage, update to follow soon. June Brown hails from Kingstonian. June is effectively the Queen of E17, famous for working in a laundrette and hammering the fags. SAFCBlog favourite the Queen of SW1, has never worked in a laundrette.

Wimbledon non-Matchday advice online soon.

SAFCBlog – The Last World…..

Mental few months ahead, whilst I love footie – it’s just a game. Much love to anyone reading this affected by any ill health of any kind. 

… you remember that sunny day, somewhere in London in the middle of nowhere…. didn’t have nothing to do that day….. didn’t want to do nothing anyway? Long 4 months or so, but we’ll be ok I promise.

SAFC Blog look both ways
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