SAFCBlog Match Preview – Up Next QPR

2 Sleeps, That’s all

Being in The Championship is less crap than being in League 1, Playing QPR isn’t as good as playing Chelsea, but it’s better than playing Charlton or Wimbledon.

Are They Any Good?

Absolutely no idea….

We had the pleasure* of seeing a load of Boro fans at Tibshelff Services last Saturday, whilst their primary focus was shoplifting inflatable giraffes and abusing minimum wage staff…. the few normal ones* that I spoke to in the queue for a Costa Coffee, said Boro were an absolute shambles first half and QPR are bang average

Their Squad….

The lad on loan from Leeds is a decent Championship player, that clumsy fucker Dunne who played a handful of games for us is with them, as is Jake Clarke Salter…. felt a bit sorry for him having to play for us on loan from Chelsea, but hats off for possibly the rashest challenge in our illustrious history

“Got the ball ref, (ball not pictured),”

Last Night…..

On balance there was absolutely no point playing Rochdale in Round 2? Eleven changes > we were shite > squad depth not good > Alex Neil fancies Jay Matete as much as Anna Friel fancies SAFCBlog, (**)

SAFCBlog Predicts….

SAFC 6 vs QPR 1

Smash these London Jobbers 100% – FTM

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