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Not going to games is shite, not even being allowed to not go to games is really shite, no games that we are not allowed to not go to is really, really shite.

Division 3 is shite, the 2 week period where there’s no Division 3 games is even worse…..

I reckon we will beat Lincoln over 2 games, for no other reason than we probably will. Oxford look the best equipped team, but we’re in the mix – we all know our limitations, but we may as well kick on and get promoted. If I was a betting man, I’d say we won’t, as a fan I’d say why not…. as a betting man fan I’m just happy to be able to go to a few games.


”Firm Favourites = most fans = most bets = bookies not daft”

Ultimately it’s been a weird season, so we may as well seal the deal and get promoted. Next Saturday we are back in the stadium, that excites me greatly – it is just a game, but the whole package of entertainment, routine, friendship, normality, belonging etc is absolutely fucking massive…. see you next Saturday boys

Apathy Athletic 1 vs Optimistic Rovers 0, (D. Darko, 23)

Strange, strange season….. in some ways I feel totally detached…. conversely I’ve probably had a better insight than ever before, (ie always sober, not missing chunks of the game etc). I’m not convinced by the talent or heart of this team, I’m not convinced about our manager…. is that me or them? In 2019 I was on board, but we were part of it, overnight to Portsmouth, random midweek trips to Lancashire etc….. I genuinely felt part of it…….have I just become a TV / Armchair Supporter, like some of those who follow Man City? (But a much shitter version). We are on the brink of promotion, it matters not that we aren’t very good – more than ever it’s purely about results.

I’d like to be going into the playoffs with the belief and optimism that we will succeed, there’s no point saying I think we will when I don’t hold that belief. On a positive note, I’m pretty crap at match predictions and whether I think we will go up is of zero relevance. We played Oxford the other week and we won but probably didn’t deserve to, we lost twice to Blackpool last month, but didn’t deserve to lose either game, we beat Lincoln 4-0 when they were top of the league….. will we go up? No one knows… can we go up? Of course we can…. will in be because of quality rather in spite of the quality of the opposition …. it doesn’t matter. We can go up, 100% – that’s all we need to know.

Expectation United 0 vs Hope Hotspurs 1, (Hurt, 94)

Only When I Graph…..

All pretty self explanatory as always, any sensible questions please contact the SAFCBlog Graph Coefficient Department at a sensible time of day at

this 46 game form coefficient timeline, has Oxford as favourites……
…….. but the WDLGD coefficient has Sunderland as favourites! Looks like a Sunderland vs Oxford final…. then anything can happen.


Starting to feel a bit more positive, we aren’t great, but neither are the other 3 teams….. win the play offs? Hell yah, why not? Let’s fucking do this, no panic….. we’ve got this, 100%

4 days in a row and Leather Skirt / boot combo would normally signal a hugely positive week for anyone who only watches Calendar when SAFCBlog favourite Christine Talbot is on….

……. this has been a far from positive week for the aforementioned type of person.
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