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Getting Giddy?

Decent result on Monday against a piss poor team, I’m generally a pretty positive person, but we are missing out by at least 3 or 4 points, the irony is that we were to make the play offs, we’d win them 100%

“Planning for life in The Premiership”…… next question.

46 games is enough to get what you deserve? We got away with Stewart staying fit to get us promoted last season, we haven’t got away with it this season. But….. our recruitment is light years ahead of how it’s been for the last 7 years, if in doubt just Google a match from say 2, 3 or 4 years ago and digest the starting 11. There’s no doubt we should currently have more attacking options than we have, but….. we’re the 4th highest scorers in the league, the No striker situation is a huge factor, all teams will have their own sob stories, but when we miss out by 3 or 4 points, let’s not forget, last minute penalties conceded, (lack of nous), vs Hull and Bristol costing us 4 points, the absolute shitshow of 2 defeats vs a piss poor Rotherham and a Coventry in the pace of 5 days, not turning up vs Cardiff at home, (wish I’d stayed in bed), etc etc

Whilst I’ve got in my diary to watch the Red & White Shaggers at Wembley in May, I’m not expecting it to happen, might just go to London anyway ????????⚽️

The last 5

It could happen I guess? Feels like ages since a trip to WBA or Preston, thankfully both were Pre SAFCBlog…. Never ever dare a pissed fool…..”

Whatever happens the next month or so, it’s been a great season, absolutely lovely ????????????⚪️????⚽️✅????‍☠️⛳️????????????????????????????⚪️✅????????????⚽️⚽️⚽️????

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