SAFCBlog and the Modern World

SAFCBlog and the modern world

SAFCBlog and the modern world

Despite writing an award winning online sports and lifestyle blog, (**), IT is not really my bag…..

(**not true)

Early signs suggest that computers are here to stay? 

Super Computers……

SAFCBlog was born in the 1970s, as you’d expect I don’t remember a right lot of said decade….. Gary Glitter topped the charts and Leeds United Superfan, Jimmy Savile was fixing all sorts for kids who idolised him…..complete wrong uns aside…. the 1970s was the birth of the Super Computer.

The SAFCBlog Super Computer…..

SAFC Blog owns a super computer similar to the computers of the 1980's
The SAFCBlog computer is back from the menders.. just needed a new transponder
Not my area of expertise…. but £16.99 for a new transponder seems reasonable?

High tech computer programming….

Life is never straight forward? Having previously cranked up the computer to predict final league places … a incomplete season has fucked with the algorithms….

SAFC Blog and the modern world
“It’s March???”
“We finish in May??”

Fear not……

Historically the Pools Panel would guess the score lines of games not played. Thankfully the computer can do this with 99.34% accuracy….

SAFCBlog and the modern world

Today’s League 1 results

What happens next?

Hard to imagine the current season being completed? Thank fuck for computers…. having loaded some formulas and other stuff….. the conclusion is; get yourself off on holiday, back in August to piss this league? 

Season 2020/21…..

The pontification, (French for pissing about), of the media has been a fucking joke. SAFCBlog suggests that the obvious/common sense solution is just imagine this season never happened?

SAFC Fixtures 2020/21 – SAFCBlog exclusive….

SAFC Fixtures 2020/21

SAFC Fixtures 2020/21
Sunderland AFC Fixtures 2020/21


SAFCBlog – Unsocial Social Media

SAFC Blog and the modern world

Thank goodness for computers……… Digital, Digital, Digital……….

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