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Monday Club

Monday Bloody Monday

Historically Monday is considered the worst day of the week, the weekend is over and the next weekend is miles away. When we were in the PL we occasionally had a Monday night game away at Palace – nowadays it’s just a shit day?

Weekend ✅ Monday ❌ – the only song about monday was by a pikey reminiscing about a mass murder, (Bangles also had a go…. poor mans T’Pau…..New Romantic Genre of Opinions as always)

What day is it?

SAFCBlog is still of the opinion that dying of a pandemic is a negative, driving round town today, it seems a significant number of people have decided to embrace the risk?  Seems strange, but everyone has choices? Turns out it’s Monday…..

New week……

Huge day of sport today, whilst the EFL have delayed their decision as to whether completely  fabricate the remainder of the season. Never been arsed about the Bundesliga, watching it in empty stadiums is even worse? Premier League marginally more appealing, but only just. It’s often cited  that Football without fans is Nothing….. on Talksport today they were championing it being like pre season friendlies …… well I’ve travelled to 4 countries to watch SAFC pre season and am yet to watch more than 30 minutes of a game……. 

Live Sport Returns……

Horse Running back tomorrow, but before that Pigeon Racing returns…..

Monday Club

A big transporter??? 4000 pigeons seems a lot in 1 van?
Micro chips and apps – I can see that really kicking on with the ‘Royal Pigeon Racing Association??’
SAFCBlog – Not that good to start with and getting worse pandemic media – FTM

Songs about Monday….. some scruffy Celt or The Bangles….. no way

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