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No midweek game this week, seems like ages til we beat Bolton, but it’ll be here before we know it⚽️ It could be suggested that with no game for 5 sleeps, there’s no point writing owt for the blog – nah, not having that, there’s always something happening in the frenetic world of cutting edge digital media?

Buying, Selling, Borrowing, Lending and Swapping…..

The Model, The Plan…..

  • Bathh and Roberts coming in are good signings
  • Clarke from Spurs would be immense, it might not be our priority position, but he’s a very good player and….. having better players than who you are playing is a positive situation

Decision Making……

  • For years we have carried deadwood. Ollie Younger is a SAFC fan, he’s bright and young – he wasn’t going to feature here, Doncaster is a great move for him
  • Denver Hume was a ok left foot, he’s not very good at defending though, which for a defender isn’t ideal. 2 years ago I’d have said he was one of the few who could play in the Championship? But realistically he’s a League 1 player, good luck etc…. He probably burnt his bridges in the summer with his contract negotiations? I’d assumed it was a free, talk of £200k received from Portsmouth – wow!

Cole Stockton…..

Can we not just crack on and sign him? I’m happy to go and pick him up, (any day but Wednesday), 20 goals in this division for a shite team…. It really is that simple? Morecambe players 100% don’t turn SAFC down?

Around The League In 23 Days…..

It was mentioned on Saturday that if we get promoted we’ll have an easier time with away games? No need to elaborate? But I will……

  • I haven’t got any graph paper and some fucker has had my coloured pens away?
  • I don’t live in the NE, consequently my trip to the SOL is 73.5 miles, (so 147 miles as a round trip)
  • The 23 other teams in our league have a combined distance of 3374 miles each way…. So that’s a round trip of 294 miles per game from my gaff
  • As it stands the 24 current Championship teams have a combined mileage of 3109 miles each way,….. so that’s a round trip of 259 per game from my gaff
  • So 35 miles less per away game next season…. More time for a kebab with the fuel money saved…. We really must get promoted?

4 Seasons……

We’re in year 4 of Project shite as you like, 4 years ago today we lost a legend…. Music like all things in life is all about opinions, but I’d not be writing this if it weren’t for The Fall❤️

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