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A year ago……

This time last year it was the day before Wembley. I was confident we would beat Charlton, I really was. Bizarrely I wasn’t even that nervous, as I was absolutely convinced we’d win – that ended well? Anyway no doubt lots of reminders will pop up on Twitter tomorrow, I’ll write something about the game/day tomorrow, including the return of the Award Winning** SAFCBlog Pandemic Poetry.
(** not true)

Unfortunately this time last year the SAFCBlog Super Computer was at Tandy getting a new transponder fitted. In it’s absence, here’s the couple of paragraphs penned this day 2019….


So, it’s Wembley Eve, tomorrow is the day. Nervous? Excited? Hopeful? Expectant? Sceptical? Pissed? Naucious?

However you are feeling, it’s a huge day tomorrow. Having limped to the end of the season, two decent performances vs Portsmouth have boosted the mood. Safcblog predicts a 2~0 win.

For me ~ Jack has done a decent job ~ not least in stabilising an absolute shitstorm of a club. The spineless twats of Rodwell, Papy, Januzaj are a distant memory ~ eclipsed by Luke, Charlie et al.

Picture of a Sunderland fans at a packed Wembley Stadium
Wembley…. “horrible place to lose… unsure what it’s like to win there?”

Anyway ~ enjoy to tomorrow, whether it be with friends, family, strangers. A win tomorrow would be great ~ but win or lose; you’re in good company. For me ~ there’s been laughs a plenty with bearded idiot, hapless rotund driver, gay barber, 007, filth officer etc … too many to mention. Added to that JaneyM, Yfront etc ~ the football family is a wonderful place.

Whoever you are enjoying tomorrow with…. enjoy every minute. Football not quite family ~ but it’s pretty fucking close I’d say?


Enjoy the game.



SAFCBlog has said it so many times before….. it’s not the expectation or the despair, it’s the hope that hurts the most.

Another anniversary today is it’s 15 years since Liverpool drew with Milan in Istanbul, they were 0-3 down at half time, given they now seem keen on making up results on the basis of what will probably happen….. I assume if it was called off at half time they’d have been happy to concede the trophy?

0-3……. 3-3……… BRISTANBUL, (yep I left at half time)

The EFL are meeting again this week, realistically they should have two options… A) void the season or B) finish the season. Anyway looks like they are going for option C), and just make up the rest of the results – I’ve said plenty of times, but it’s just wrong on so many levels and contradicts so much of the beauty that makes up our Beautiful game?

Seems to be kicking off on the news at the moment, suspect Boris will tell us we can discard staying home, being alert as long as we follow our instincts? That said things do seem to be improving, I popped into Harrogate earlier to buy some meat and the parks are pretty busy with people getting totally Ant McPartlined?  Maybe we should just sit tight and start footie in a few weeks? Anyway what do I know?

Back tomorrow with some Wembley Misery

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