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Game tomorrow, not a big game, but it’s a game ….. all is not well aboard The Good Ship Wonderland….. it’s not the fault of KLD or LJ, that this is our 4th year of this shite? I’ve never particularly fancied LJ, but I really, really, (really), don’t know what’s the best way to proceed, I often cite it being a game of opinions, I’m not sure what my opinion is?

The Magic of the Cup…..

Yeah……. It’s the draw tonight, I was thinking, (*), earlier it would be typical for Mansfield to draw Harrogate? But that’s just nonsense, it’s akin to saying, if I hadn’t fucked about at school, I might be an actor and Anna Friel might pipe me off of a weekend….. we lost, move along…..( Anna👍)

11 Days……

Since we allowed back to Footie, it’s been sat, tues, sat, tues etc….. after tomorrow, we don’t play for the thick end of 2 weeks, that feels like a long time?

I miss it more than I should……

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