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League 1 for 1 season……

When we lost to Burton on Saturday 21st April 2018, it was a bit of a kick in the bollocks….. but 1 season of going to places like Fleetwood and Accrington will be a laugh? So, it’s definitely just the 1 season yeah?…..definitely?

“It’s been 1367 days, 32’808 minutes, 160 league games…… FFS man, this wasn’t the plan you useless fuckers?”


I love him, he’s the best striker I’ve ever seen at Sunderland….. for me going back is flawed, Friend’s Reunited, Facebook etc….. if they were not attractive at school, no matter how much ale you have skulled, it’s unlikely they look any better 30 years later?

We all have an emotional attachment to the club, I had so many happy days watching Sunderland with my beloved dad, the Defoe masterclass vs Chelsea was dads penultimate game, his last game was the demolition of Everton for us to stay up and send the Mags go down…. Not a bad exit strategy dad? Those 4 days in May 2017 will always be my fondest days watching the lads, Defoe was pivotal to this and I couldn’t love him more❤️If I’m honest it’s perhaps a subconscious reason why I don’t want him back?

Of course I understand all the possible positives of his return, although with 19 games remaining, we don’t have scope for a cameo appearance? I go to every game, the last 5 goals/7 points conceded have come from individual defensive errors….. no matter how much I love JD, he ain’t solving this basic flaw?

No guarantees in football, but as a betting man, I’d reckon by 4.50pm this Saturday Rotherham and Wigan will be 6 points better off than they are now, we will obviously draw 1-1….. I hate it, but it’s happening again?

It’s like some kind of curse….. fucking voodoo man?

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