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International Break really is crap isn’t it?
Does’t seem to be getting any closer?
Since we last played at home we’ve had A king, A Queen and Two Prime Ministers…..

Managerial Merry-go-round….

I’ll be honest, prior to his appointment I was fairly underwhelmed by the prospect of Tony Mowbray as our manager, the more I hear from him, the more I think it may just be the perfect storm at the perfect time? He’s obviously keen to give youth a chance and as luck would have it, all of a sudden we are blessed with an absolute plethora of raw, young talent.

I liked Alex Neil, ultimately he got us promoted with a fantastic run and the day at Wembley is something none of us will ever forget?

Stoke Away, 5.03pm, Saturday 20th August – Alex, fine to go, not fine to go to watch your prospective employers when we had a game and you were still employed by SAFC? Fucking Stoke though? They haven’t even got filled in corners at their tinpot shit lego stadium. Turns out he’s a knob, (a greedy knob)

Paul Warne…..

I’m delighted that Tony Mowbray is our manager. I was a huge advocate of us appointing Paul Warne, when we went for the cheap options of Lee Johnson and Alex Neil, that short armed prick Stewart Donald repeatedly said he wouldn’t leave Rotherham. Warne taking the Derby job today proves that was absolute bollocks, I don’t care what anyone says, the manager of Rotherham doesn’t turn down Sunderland, he just doesn’t, no way on earth. A bit like grass seed and hotels, there’s a commercial cost with compensation? It matters not now, but let’s not ever forget that Donald was so full of shit, it was untrue!


There will no SAFCBlog tomorrow as I’m going out, (out, out!!). If anyone is available to check on Gary Summerson and take Kris Day some bait that would be tickety boo”
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Is there anyone who does’t love New Order? Shirley not?

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