SAFCBlog No Game Saturday SPZL

What else is there to do on a Sunday?

Up Early

No problem, even off to bed early tonight, might have a bath. Plant Based Picnic ready✅ I’ve even been to the shop and bought some appropriate Breakfast Beers✅

Anytime IPA? 7am it is then✅


I’d like Blackpool to stay up, it was my favourite away day this season, it would be lovely to go back for a rerun next season. This blog is average at best, there’s a Blackpool Blog that is great, he’s even written a book, (struggling with mine), given my membership of the Football Writers Association is hanging by a thread, how bad must your life be to complain to them about my Racial Stereotyping, (basically big black cocks), and inappropriate reference to Religious Festivals, (basically Ramadan being akin to a Muslim Harvest Festival?)

A better blog than this shite – 100%

Tomorrows Team

Everyone is mysteriously injured, we’ve played all but 16 games this season without a number 9, tomorrow we have only Luke O’Nien to play at CB, modern man etc, but what the fuck is going on Luke? I don’t work Sunday’s, although I’ve already committed to be at WBA tomorrow…..

It’s his job?”

WBA Away

Had some strange trips there over the years, no such shenanigans tomorrow…..

“A bet is a bet?”

Nothing to see here…..”


The table after today reads as such…..

Win tomorrow and we could be off to London on holiday, (#7), I spent the first half of the season thinking going up would be a disaster, but fuck it…. The teams in the play offs are shite, next season Sheff U will come straight back down, Leeds and Bournemouth will still be shite, why not go up and win 6/7 home games and dare to fucking dream?

it’s on

SAFCBlog – it’s on 100% – FTM

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