SAFCBlog – Noel Gallagher, Halifax, (Away), Match Review

The Close Season….

Football is brilliant, tomorrow we get to find out when we play everyone twice, to further add to the excitement it’s the Milk Cup Draw. Yesterday was the longest day, Stonehenge is a long way to go to Share the love, with a load of posh campervan types, (essentially non fighting gypsies), but fear not….. tonight Matthew, the finest songwriter of our generation is playing an hour or so away from my gaff✅

Journey 1 vs Destination 0, (Chalmers, J, 54)

Nothing better than an English Summers Day?

Whilst driving round town in summer has the advantage of looking at scantily clad women, (or men etc), the drive from my gaff to Halifax was stunning. Lots of positives, notably the scenery.

And did those feet in ancient time, walk upon England’s mountains green…… and did the Countenance Divine, shine forth upon our clouded hills?…… Bring me my bow of burning gold….I will not cease from mental fight, nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, Till we have built Jerusalem, In England’s green and pleasant land” ….. if Carlsberg did lay-by pissstops…..

So all is good, weather mint, in my car but not driving as some idiot who used to dress up as a lion mascot is at the wheel, got a load of ale in the car, Manchesters Finest providing the tunes….

Loads more positives than negatives, however taking the Otley Chevin, Sowerby Bridge, Bingley route, whilst better than being on the M62, means there’s loads of cyclists. Not cyclists as in people cycling to work etc, but cyclists as in silly twats in lycra riding two abreast. It’s childish, but I spray them as I pass, (1.5 metres my arse), I’ve even adjusted my offside squirter with an unfolded paperclip and use non diluted screenwash to squirt them. There’s surely no need to dress up like a professional sportsperson once you pass the age of 14? They all fucking cheat anyway, on the day it was Zammos 54th birthday, Just Say YES, and let em crack on off their tits on whatever they take?
Yes Tim✅ We know✅


Bizarrely my 2nd ever football match was in 1980, (aged 9), and Halifax beat Man City 1-0 in a proper cup shock, tonight Noel was back to smash it⚽️✅

Saturday 4th January 1980….. where did the time go?


Even more than football, music polarises opinions, 100%. I’ve not, (to date), been the best songwriter of a generation, but in a game of opinions, here’s mine, (worth the Joe Root of fuck all….)
  • Oasis were amazing
  • Noel has penned songs that will, (ahem), Live Forever
  • Whilst a comparison might be completely inappropriate….
  • 3 weeks ago, I watched Liam absolutely smash it in front of 50’000…. a man right at the top of his game, the whole package, (atmosphere, vibe, sound, visuals….), was that of a, (ahem), Rock n Roll Star….
We all have choices etc….. this was the view from the bar in hospitality last night…. stunning vista❤️ and still people live down south??
  • Admittedly its not a direct comparison, but it’s a natural comparison as these 2 brothers were the mainstay of the best band since New Order, so for what it’s worth……
  • Liam is bang on it….. he was sensational 3 weeks ago. Noel was miles away from that last night…. zero engagement……opinions etc etc…. but just not very good…. live music regardless of the genre can be as bad as it can good…..I’ve done the dad thing and bern to see all manner of shite, (1D, Little Mix, Vamps, CBeebies Live,), regardless of the genre theres good and bad gigs? Bag of shite last night Noel….
  • Ultimately we all wish we were watching Oasis, sadly we won’t ever….. but I’d say Liam is 85% as good as Oasis, Liam is 37%

Hey Mr Tambourine Man…..

Play something we know….”
  • Great song writer ✅
  • Best songwriter of the previous generation was Bob Dylan✅
  • I’ve watched Sir Robert of Zimmerman warble knocking on Heavens door✅
  • I’ve watched Guns n’ Roses own the same song✅
  • Lift music, wedding singer….. not for moi, (🇫🇷), to parlez, (🇫🇷), but….. c’mon you know…..

Straw poll…..

….. of 3, (2 of whom are idiots), but I can only offer my thoughts….. watched Liam 3 weeks ago, (left albeit exhausted…. completely exhilitated❤️), watched Noel last night, (left albiet relaxed…. early to beat the traffic💔)

  • totally onboard that lots will disagree, but this close season, I’ve done Skylights, (a few times), Social Room, Liam, Charlatans, The Voyd…. all full of energy and put a show on….Noel was shite last night

All about Le, (🇫🇷), Championship now…. onwards and fucking upwards – FTM

KLD got this 100%

SAFCBlog Caption Comp……. prizes etc…… as a guide….. “fuck off you knobber and take that short armed prick with you”

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