SAFCBlog is prolific, rather than any good. I’m well into the 4th season of writing this shite now, I’ll hang up my keyboard, when the time is right. Promotion would be great, whether I can write this shite for a 5th season in Division 3, I’m unsure? But contrary to the ethos of Social Media, I’ll just stop writing it at some stage, you’ll know when its finished, because there will be no new articles👍

Play Offs…..

Our record is shite, no point looking back….. we are in good shape, along with MK Dons we are the best team in the Play Offs….. we have a chance, a decent chance…. let’s get this done⚽️

The Gaffer…..

Shirley we go up eventually?

  • Take 1….. should have gone up, but Maja sale and freezing at Wembley cost us
  • Take 2…. unpopular opinion, Parkinson did ok, if the EFL had a spine, who knows?
  • Take 3…. I never fancied LJ, we never looked like getting the better of a bang average Lincoln over 2 legs
  • Take 4….. we have the best team/squad since we sold Maja. Alex Neil is great…..I was undecided after Ross Failed, (hindsight = we should have got shot of him?)…. I was disappoined LJ got another chance after failing, (hindsight = we should have got shot of him?)….. Alex Neil is the man, 100%, regardless of how the next few weeks pan out.

4 more sleeps – we go again Tuesday

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