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It’s quite a while till we play again, I thought I’d write a few thoughts tonight and then not write owt for a few days….

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda?

First and foremost, congratulations to Hull and Peterborough, whilst The Posh were always likely to be contenders, I didn’t fancy The Tigers one bit, we wasted points against crap teams, just as the rest of the top 6 will have done. 46 games is plenty enough to get exactly what you deserve from a campaign, no complaints and well done to the other teams in the top 6. We’ve underachieved as normal, Blackpool and Oxford have done remarkably well given where they were at the turn of the year, Lincoln achieved where they failed last year, by staying the course.

Going up?

There are 4 teams in the mix, the best most fancied team rarely goes up, we have every chance. Lincoln won’t be thrilled to be playing us, we’ve had the better of them this season too. For what it’s worth I don’t fancy us, but I was convinced we’d go up under Ross, the beauty of it is that no one knows. Opinions are always going to differ, I don’t fancy our current boss at all – that’s not like me, I was pro JR til it came to a natural end, whilst unpopular with the Twitterati, I was firmly behind PP. It’s been a weird campaign for us all, bizarrely I’ve seen more detail of the games by watching online, I’ve analysed stuff more; we’ll never know, but whilst the www was hanging PP out to dry for only winning games at home vs Swindon, Crewe and ipswich by a whisker…. if we’d have been there, the vibe may well have been very different? Trial by TV or real life? I know which camp I’m in…..

Watching on TV Wanderers 0…..
….vs Being at the Game Athletic 1, (Rinder, OG, 26)

We’ve got a chance then?

Of course we have, I’ve not fully analysed the data yet, on, (graph), paper it looks like 1/4 or 25% for younger readers, I’ve not finalised the scientific analysis, but it’s looking like about a 27% coefficient. (1 in 4 = 25% > should beat Lincoln = 50% > minus 12% for always conceding > minus 8% tactical nous > minus 3% play off factor = 27%),, although this is just rough data at this early stage. I’ve not seen much to think we will succeed, but we might, we’ve certainly got a better chance this year, by virtue of being in the playoffs vs not being in the playoffs.

We’re shit at Wembley…..

This is completely irrelevant, just as is the fact we beat Tranmere – anything like this does my head in – not comparing eggs with eggs etc

Footballs Coming Home…..

It’s been a long time coming, really tough gig this most recent lockdown in lots of ways, but we are nearly there. As I say bizarre last year or so, writing this shite has occupied me, I’m hoping that by May 30th when the promotion issue is decided, I’ll be be at half a million visits to the site – I’d always pencilled that in as the natural end, don’t live close enough to the sea to do a Reggie Perrin and don’t fancy burning a million quid in a field like the KLF…. I’ll think of something, (any suggestions welcome).

Normality beckons….. ⚽️?⚪️⚫️

Game Changer…..

It’s 6.24pm, almost time for tomorrow’s weather……
…… oh??

30 years is a long time, I still miss Mark and Lard, but this has hit me hard, I know nothing lasts forever, but……this was released 24 years ago; show me a better song and I’m a Vegan….

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