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So, this time last year I thought we’d beat Charlton 2-0, they gave us a one goal head start…. the rest as they say is misery! EFL seem to be favouring the just guess model, so looks unlikely we will be playing in the Play Offs this season, (we’d have got 2nd place anyway?)

SAFCBlog remains in Lockdown, but it’s was sunny today and there’s load out with carrier bags of cans getting absolutely Dennis Thatchered – May as well just play football? Anyway, what do I know?

It’s often cited in High Brow Cutting Edge Media Circles, that there’s not enough modern poetry online….. oh go on then you lousy poetic sorts…….


“1-1 draws, sadly the root cause, we can still go up, win at Wembley not arsed about a cup, Pompey job done down South, their socially challenged fans all mouth, Onto Wembley Way, this is our day, flags a plenty, Championship in 2020, gifted an early lead, exactly what we need, time to settle, show some metal, we sit back, let them attack, worst performance of the season, too scared to play the reason?, tactics inept, into the game the Addicks crept, more misery, sadly that’s us at Wem-ber-ley, lose 2-1, positives none, Bowyer heads up the stairs, no need today to chuck McDonalds chairs, well done Lee you’ve won promotion, better than that LS1 alledged Mill Hill commotion, loving you jumper, Leslie Ash… did Eric hump her, best team won, Charlton well done, League 1 next year, absolutely nothing to fear, in Jack I did trust, we missed out only just, that’s 7 wembley defeats in a row, but we continue to  go,  not long til preseason, to be positive I’ll find a reason, all roads lead to Albufeira, than that who could say fairer, Estadio De Municipal, Super Bock-Sagres-Cristal, August we go again, surely no more lower league pain, no need for play offs next year, Wonderland the team to fear, League 1 jobbers will be lambs to the slaughter, SAFCBlog can feel it in its water, it’ll take a Global Pandemic to stop us, from parading down Seaburn in an open top bus, 2020 automatic promotion we will earn, will I ever ever fucking learn? dare to dream, they’re our team, what can possibly go wrong, stay strong, enjoy every away day, you never know when it’ll be taken away, spend too much cash, days on the lash, choose life, forget the associated strife, choose Sunderland, welcome to wonderland…..”

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