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Living and working in London is shite, going to football is great, going to football in London is absolutely 🌎 class. I don’t miss many games, missing London games is not my bag, but……

Midweek aways are sometimes a tester, I’m lucky, (definitely Luck 1 vs Judgement 0), that my time is mostly my own, today my new job caught up with me and I’m an absentee from Loftus Road….

***** NOTED Steve
Strong team – they have a game Friday night, so they may rest a few? If we win tonight, surely we’re due a home draw in the last 8, (EIGHT!!)

Blogging and Dogging…..

There’s a car park in Wetherby that’s a Dogging Hotspot, not so much at 2pm – so the passing on of tickets, new flag and duty free fags was pretty straightforward….

James Cordan has let himself go a bit??

SAFCBlog Points of View….

Charlton 0-1….

We lost on Saturday, by all accounts the ref was absolutely dreadful, that’s going to happen at this level – I’m not for one second defending the referee, but we lost on Saturday – the ref might not have helped, but just as the pitch didn’t help at Portsmouth, we lost – there will always be factors in results, but pitches and refs are not defining factors…

The Management…..

We’ve been an absolute shitshow for much longer than our division 3 tenure, our previous owners were a shambles, Ross was treated appallingly, the job was perhaps a merino softwash too far for him, but his request for the sacking not be announced before they could usher his kids out of school was not an unreasonable request? Whatever people think about Parkinson, he was sacked at the wrong time, primarily because their was not even a sniff of a Plan B in place…..

Being a football manager is a big job, the treatment of Mrs Doubtfire at Newcastle last week was dreadful, the new Man Utd gaffer is a vibrant betting market even though they have a manager – it’s a consequence of the world we live in, but it’s piss poor?

I’m hugely emotionally invested in all things SAFC, I desperately want us to do well, I genuinely do. I’m a little concerned that we may not be quite as good as we perhaps think we are, we were tactically mugged by a desperately poor Portsmouth team, I wasn’t there Saturday, but I didn’t seem too clever? SAFCBlog is built on positivity, I won’t comment on the management of the club again this season, I really, really hope I’m wrong….. but…. I’m thoroughly unconvinced that Johnson is the right man? The one thing that has improved is our recruitment….. this is taken care of by others, I hope that LJ does it this year…. Do I believe his tactics, substitutions, media etc are good enough? Sadly I don’t…. The positive of this is I’ve been badly wrong in lots of situations, here’s to me being wrong again ⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️


Tonight, Tonight…..

36 minutes – 0-0
Half time – 0-0
74 minutes – 0-0, take a draw and win on penalties, would LJ bring the German on for penalties?

FULL TIME…. 0-0, having earlier discussed shite refs, they definitely shouldn’t have had that goal disallowed, but who gives a shit, may as well win on penalties⚽️✅

  • They miss first two penalties, we score first two, 2-0 easy
  • They score and we score, 3-1 easy
  • They miss, we win 3-1, even had 2 penalties to spare
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