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Football is brilliant…. the last time I was at a football match, we beat Wycombe at Wembley, it was just a fantastic day. I’m unavailable for selection for our opener vs Coventry, (fucking July man!?). Next Wednesday I’ll be at the Stadio de Municial, Albuferia, to report on our friendly vs Roma, it’s an 11am kick off….. so that’s going to end well??⚽️?⚽️ My SAFC ambition is to see us play in Europe in a proper game, ie against some Latvian Bus Drivers, rather than a pre season fuck about

Pre season is shite, but it may as well be shite in Portugal than in Hartlepool or Carlisle etc…… life is full of choices…..
2022….. I dread to think….
Busy few days for me here…… the advance party has arrived in Portugal⚽️?
Portugal 1 vs England 0

Transfer Business…..


So far so good…..

  • German Croatian with fit mum signed, (must be cheap, him not her)
  • Roberts signed, (class)
  • Gooch signed
  • Bloke from Arsenal signed, (class)
  • Jack Clarke, (£3.5 million? not for me, let Sheff Utd sign him)
  • Ross Stewart MUST stay, he 100% scores 20 goals in the EFL, (30 in the SPL), any transfer fee received would be irrelevant, as we’d have to spend it all on a striker, with zero guarantees
  • That lazy bastard Grigg finally fucked off✅ and McGeady gone to Scotchland to get pissed and look good vs plumbers from Alloa etc


My pedigree cost me a few grand…. I may as well have just bought one off the gypos, (no offence B.Mac)…..
Fat Brown Bastard United 1 vs Remote Control Rangers 0, (Labrador, C, 22)

This is the Modern World…..

Politics not my bag, but what a fucking carry on eh?

Women’s Footie….

SAFCBlog is the proud father of 2 wonderful girls, I love football, I’ve always been attractive to women, (**). I’ll watch SAFC regardless, I’ll watch the big Premiership games on TV, I’ll watch the Champions League….. can’t be arsed watching Villa play Watford or lower league shite…. for me, drop the Womens, and just call it Football? Watching Fleetwood play Burton when there’s an International Break is of no interest to me…. is it ok to say I’m not arsed for watching Women’s footie?

Haway Austria, I’d always thought as Austrians as less hairy and less angry Germans….just goes to show that having a blinkered approach is bad?
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