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Absolutely great day yesterday, late winners in Away Days are just fantastic⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️
I appreciate it’s different watching a game in person, as it heightens ones emotions, even my iwatch pinged to notify me that I had a heart rate of over 120bpm whilst not exercising, Steve Jobs obviously never had to watch Sunderland play? I thought we played ok yesterday against a decent side, the Patterson save aside they didn’t really create a great deal, yet the Social Media Vibe was that were dreadful, lucky, poor etc….. Game of Opinions as always, but I thought we played fairly well. I do think there’s a negative tendency to a lot of football fans,I know it’s the hope that hurts etc, but nows the time to get right behind the lads, (as the crowd normally do to be fair…… The SAFCBlog photographer started to explain on the way home yesterday that such negativity dates back to cavemen and the idea of ’fight or flight’, where negative outcomes, (ie death), are twice as bad as the positive alternative, (ie not dying), which manifests itself in the aforementioned negativity….. bored? Try spending 9 hours in the car with the boring idiot….

The Business End ……

Bit of a cliche, but the 2 games in 4 days over Easter often define seasons, it’s certainly been the case for us since we decided to play in the 3rd Tier…….

Still baffles me we that didn’t go up automatically from the position we were in at Easter.

We will surely beat Shrewsbury? Shirley? The other games make for a potentially good match day….. we entertain 16th place Shrewsbury, crucially 2nd host 5th and 7th host 3rd, if we get 3 points then we should be laughing bananas. Now I appreciate this is a bit complex without a graph? As always pretty straight forward, I’m assuming most people reading this we be able to Zoom in, (make it bigger), if not thats a shame.

I’ve not, (to date), owned or managed a 5 Star Hotel, but surely to goodness, they should have basic stationary like graph paper & pens available to residents?

Happy Easter?

I really hope so, Church not really my bag, like Santa, The Tooth Fairy etc, I think the Bible is good for kids, without opening a can of religious worms….. if Jesus did get murdered on Good Friday and then come back to life on Bank Holiday Sunday, why in Gods, (**), name does the fucking date change every year? We celebrate Santa’s Birthday on 25th December every year, similarly my dog died on February 3rd 2021, it’ll be the anniversary on February 3rd every year, it’s a simple concept? Anyway Happy Easter everyone, especially any religious types.

This Team…..

Under LJ we played some great stuff, we were always prone to an absolute shocker, (think 1-5, 0-3, 0-4, 0-6), this could have been a disaster heading into the play offs. We no longer have this soft underbelly, I reckon over 2 games we beat anyone in the Play Off Semis? its going to be a Thursday night trip to fucking Plymouth isn’t it? 100%

We also have platers to win games, Clarke was crap yesterday, I’d forgotten about Dajaku, Roberts has class etc….. they won’t always perform, but at least they might? Gone are the days of if McGeady didn’t play well, we were fucked? I’m convinced we are going up and that’s a good place to be❤️✅⚽️

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