SAFCBlog Pre Birmingham SPZL

No midweek game and a shitshow last Saturday, it’s felt like another long week? Straight into these tomorrow! Can’t fucking wait⚽️

Last night and Tuesday

Championship is mental, a win, (or even a draw), tomorrow would be lovely, we play Millwall, (crap), before everyone else plays after the WC, we also have Hull, Wigan and Blackpool, (all crap), in 3 of the 4 games after Millwall. I reckon we’ll be ok this season?

The Championship….. completely Radio Rental
5 of our next 6 games after tomorrow – we’ll know after NYD at Blackpool whether we are looking up or down?


Most of our shortcomings this season have been a product of not having a fit striker, our recruitment has been better the last 12 months than it’s been for years. Realistically Ross Stewart is off in January, hopefully we have a plan? We must have?

Photographer News

SAFCBlog Photographer and hapless bearded idiot not at the game tomorrow, so might be a photo light blog, I’ll take some though- will go to a game somewhere on Saturday, so match report, (cutting edge), sometime Sunday – what a time to be alive.

SAFCBlog Competition News

SAFCBlog has once again teamed up with Independent Terracewear Giants Fritidsklader, (that fat bloke and his mate who no one knows), to give away some socks

Random draw as always, (1pm tomorrow💥), just like or retweet this shite, someone will get lucky! You won’t win unless you’re in⚽️

Remote control….

Remote control #10 still operational, (just), but this fat brown bastard is on borrowed time?
SAFCBlog – Not getting any better – FTM

love a Friday match ⚽️

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