SAFCBlog previews Burton Albion at home and offers some positivity.

Once we’ve taken care of Coventry City, (2-0), a few days later we host Burton Albion. When we were relegated from the Premiership, (yes kids, the Premiership!!), Burton Albion on a Tuesday night, was the proverbial look how far we’ve fallen tagline? Well…. on Tuesday night, it’s Burton Albion.

“Oh well, we’ll win the championship easily…… absolute piece of piss…..”

Our 4 meetings in the last couple of years have offered a real mixed bag…..

2-0 win away under Coleman, great day for a Chris, as not only did we win, he tied his own shoelaces…

“Get in, I love fish fingers and beans………can I stay up late too please?”

Lost 2-1 at home to get relegated, (again)….

“Oh well…… at least we’ll smash League 1; 100 points and promotion by Easter – absolute piece of piss……?”

We lost 2-1 at their gaff last year, (1st defeat of the season I think?)

We drew 1-1, (who’d have thought it?), at our gaff as we managed to use our games in hand to go from dead certs for promotion, to limping into the play offs, (oh well, we’ll win the play offs…… absolute piece of piss…….?)

Last season – no better than Sunday League Football? And there’s people out there that bemoaned losing to Oxford as they’d have liked to see us play Man City!

Burton are managed by Nigel Clough, his dad was an absolute legend of the game, a genuine one off – everyone who played for him has a class story about him.

Football = brilliant

SAFCBlog predicted Burton would gain automatic promotion this season, that’s not looking likely? They are however, loads better than their current league position suggests, I’ve seen all 4 of our games against them and every one has been a tight affair. I expect a tough game again on Tuesday, although SAFCBlog predicts a 3-0 win for Sunderland.

Blogging is easy, the only downside is…. I’m now at the stage where I’m previewing teams I’ve already previewed. There’s no point reeling out the same old facts about the town etc, (cutting edge journalism that is not?). Following a bit of research;

  • Nowt happens in Burton?
  • There’s not really anyone famous from Burton?

Burton is a very popular surname, SAFCBlog favourite and American Actress Hilarie Burton is an example of this……

Gone for a Burton……?”

As the title of this article suggests, SAFCBlog is keen to generate some positivity, whilst I’m on a bit of a social media detox/sabbatical, there’s some real shite being spouted on various platforms …. spare a thought for the long forgotten genres of radio and video…..

So…. bit of negativity out there……if you’re feeling this way, spend the next 4 minutes in the company of……

  • The greatest of all great escapes
  • A wonderful song
Football = brilliant