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“Amazon……Felt tips? you have them ? how wonderful….. the name?? just get someone to pop round in a transit van and chuck them on the drive eh?”

SAFCBlog Friday Club….

We normally play on a Saturday, Christmas aside, (when nobody knows what day it is anyway), in recent years…. we drew 2-2 with Accrington on SKY, (a very niche watch)…. beat Doncaster 2-0 on our way to getting out of this league at the first attempt?….. smashed Derby 4-1 away in the rain….. Shirley we smash these lower league jobbers on Friday, Surely Shirley?

Automatic Promotion ❌

I genuinely believe we won’t lose again this season, thats obviously exactly the right vibe to tale into the playoffs, 46 games is plenty enough to get exactly what you do and don’t deserve from a season, but if we end up 3 or 4 points behind the automatic places, it wont be the 1-5, 0-4, 0-3 & 0-6 pastings that haunt us, it’ll be that 3 week rudderless period when we fucked about with no manager and no plan…….

Imagine having those 5 games now?

Game Day…..

It’s already Friday…… getting picked up in 10.5 hours… still need to have a kip, cut the grass, buy some cans…no said it was going to be easy?

“Pleased to extremely pleased” in less than 24 hours…don’t see that on the Blackpool Blog?”

Win tomorrow 100%

SAFCBlog isn’t hugely religious, (too far fetched and too much bad shit happens to good people?). That said, I enjoy Easter, as lots of footie and I love Creme Eggs…… God, (**), knows how the make that filling so nice?

SAFCBlog – Creme Egg Digital Media – FTM

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