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Money is huge in professional football, the theory of ‘fit and proper ownership checks’ and ‘financial fair play’, are eminently sensible. Sadly the EFL don’t seem to be that competent…… the team that came 8th in our league got promoted, meanwhile the team that finished 13th in the Championship got relegated, due to 12 point deduction, someone else then got a 12 point deduction too, but that’s been carried forward….. it’s bonkers!

Survival of the Equalist….

Football is reflective in the real life, in that we are not all equal, regardless of how you dress it up, some are significantly more equal than others? The wrong people in charge of clubs, clubs being shafted, monies being drained from clubs etc are all horrendously wrong….. that said, the introduction of a salary cap is 100% the wrong answer.

If the salary cap fits, wear it?

SAFCBlog tries to be PC and non-judgemental, whilst fully acknowledging, it’s all about opinions. We are in a shite tinpot division as a result of being shite at football, no one has a given right to be anywhere. My hometown club have just made the Football League – that’s brilliant. The smaller teams in this league deserve to be where they are, but……. we’re not actually equal are we? Our average crowd is 10 times that of Fleetwood and Accrington, it doesn’t mean we deserve to beat them etc…. but it does separate us from them as a business? It’s an exhaustive list, however you want to look at it…..

  • The bogs in Waitrose are nicer than in Asda 
  • Barola is nicer than Black Tower
  • Pringles are nicer than Happy Shopper Crisps
  • You get a better pair of shoes for £100 than you do £10……
  • Steak is nicer than spam

I’m acutely aware that no club is too big for the league it’s in, there’s nothing worse than arrogant fans. I genuinely don’t think Sunderland fans can be accused of such? I go everywhere watching us and our fans are decent.

Big Club Sour Grapes?

It’s really not…..SAFCBlog has recently be lorded as;

  • 6/10 on occasions, H.Bishop of York,
  • Not as good as it used to be, C.Cockgood, Harrogate
  • Reet I’m gonna get me mam to write a letta to me MP, Tyler, Gatesheeed
  • Ooch aye, I’m at Hibs the noo- but I havtae say I miss the blog, aye if ya Ken me, J.Ross, Leith
  • Yo Bro, let’s be BFFS on Twitter man, W.Storey, USA
  • Ooh…… sailor, S.Wise, Sunderland

A bit of a mixed bag, but mostly positive, so that’s good👍

Obviously a fan of a club with the biggest budget in the league is likely to be opposed to a salary cap? I appreciate this, in the interests of balance, journalistic integrity, impartiality, and the off chance anyone is still reading…….

SAFCBlog Car Showroom Analogy Club

Lots of people I know have a car, I have a car…. cars are not equal and whilst I’m not really arsed about cars, they are an oft used as a status symbol and reflection of a persons wealth or perceived wealth,(stick with it, you’ve wasted 10 minutes of your life reading this far?)

A random car ownership case study…..

Mr A…….. lives in Oxfordshire, he’s done OK, but is his own biggest fan, image is everything. He leases a £75’000 Range Rover Sport

Mr B…….. happy with his lot, not really arsed on the opinions of others, 4 year old Mercedes – it’s comfortable and it’s just a car

Mr C………got a VW polo, looks after it, drives it sensibly. Going to get a golf next

Mr D…….Porsche Cayenne, likes cars – can afford it, so why not?

Mr E……gets driven about, why drive?

Mr F……doesn’t own a car, gets the bus

Mr G….got a car, but it’s shit and costs him so much, it’s probably a false economy?

This blog is irrelevant and shite?

Maybe? But….. just as owning a football club, messers A,B,C,D,E,F & G are all able to go from A to B. So are they are equal? Yes I guess they are? Some are just more equal than others? Just saying….

SAFCBlog – Bang Average – FTM

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