SAFCBlog Saturdays – Us vs The Rest……

No game today due to our team being packed with International Superstars, hopefully Phil went shopping…… last Saturday Phil wore his best grey knitwear and went from 3/10 to 6/10. Jack wore a grey soft wash merino knit today…..

“Aye wee man, ooch too many 1-1 draws aye ya Ken mae ya wee pish man, but aye nee fucka cannae get near ma knits man, aye…. I didnae give a shit man, ya cannae beat ma soft knits wee pish man, aye you lousy bastard”

Thanks Jack, after a rocky start I really feel that SAFCBlog is building bridges with those north of the border?

Never forget……

Like a broken record?

Yep….. guilty as charged, but surely we can let some fans go to the match, theatre✅ Gigs✅ Cinema✅ Non league✅ State of the art football stadia❌

Non league today…… delighted for them, but what the fuck is going on?

National Mental Health Awareness Day

Anyone engaging with any media outlet today will probably be aware of this. Keeping it simple…… in the last year, someone has helped me when I needed it most, I have helped someone, there’s someone I wish I’d done more for…..don’t ever be alone, everyone is special. For what’s it’s worth my email is …. if you’re reading this and need a chat, a laugh, some idiocy…. email me, 100%, there’s always a way, always.


8 points from 12, it should probably be 10 from 12? Defence good, attack less so, happy enough though

The Rest……

This is a weak division, more so than ever. Ipswich and SAFC will go up as the top 2. That said, we’ve had 4/46 games, so every chance that SAFCBlog will be writing all manner of shite over the next 8 months?

Up Next…….

I’d love to be going to Swindon next Saturday, I really would. They’ve started ok, I’d guess survival is their aim? 

Getting to the final…..
“Every loser wins promotion”
“30 years on….. it’s a mugs game?”

Don’t ever be alone 💜

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