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This COVID is a right bastard, it’s likely that our season is going to be prematurely curtailed for the 2nd season running? We got to March last season, whilst this meant it would have been easy enough to complete the season in June, the EFL didn’t bother. Having previously sat on the fence regarding this, I can now reveal, I wasn’t overly impressed with this outcome/perceived solution. That said, it’s unreasonable to offer criticism unless you have a better solution, with this in mind I thought I’d look at how best to resolve the season in the event of its suspension.

Tonight’s Division 3 schedule

Learning From Mistakes……

We all make mistakes, whilst we all have to be accountable for said mistakes, if you learn from the situation it can become a positive. In March this was an unchartered, unprecedented situation.personally I thought the EFL were weak as weak piss and just waited and waited with fingers crossed, rather than addressing the situation – forgivable though……

Once is understandable, but if you’d been once and been, (allegedly), Rogered to death….. would you return?

I’ve been speculating on the Division 3 season limping to a halt since before Xmas, SAFCBlog has never, (to date), been appointed as the Governing Body of a Professional Football League, but if I am subsequently given the role, I’ll definitely have a plan and communicate it – 100%

The Premier League may well carry on, as it stands Man Utd are champions on the PPG basis, I’m less optimistic of Division 3 finishing the season, so it’s only wise to have a Plan B…..

The Ideal Scenario……..

Playing the games is obviously the ideal and fairest method to decide the season, at the moment we are scheduled to play every 4.1 days, throw in a run in the Pizza Trophy and a couple of suspensions and the schedule becomes impossible. Working on this basis, I see the options as follows……

The EFL Model of Points Per Game…..

Absolute fucking nonsense and completely unfair, a season involves playing every team twice, otherwise it’s not fair.

1st place promoted ….. the teams finishing in positions 2,3,4,5,6 and errrrr 11 qualify for the play offs….


Whilst this is the traditional go to method to separate 2 teams as a last resort, it can’t be considered as it requires the teams to travel, mix, touch each other’s balls etc, so whilst this is a sensible and fair idea, it’s not feasible.

Penalties – harsh but fair

Use of a Super Computer……

The SAFCBlog Super Computer can predict results to 98.66% accuracy, whilst this is very high, the 1.34% error coefficient factor deem it no better than the PPG method? Some scientists are doing a study, (with graphs), on how to make this figure 100% – but it’s a slow process.

Computers – very clever

Get The Queen to decide….

I’m not adverse to this, realistically I’m not sure it’s feasible?

SAFCBlog favourite and former SAFCBlog Rear of the Year winner – Liz Windsor

The Problem is……

Whilst everyone wants to see the league decided on a fair basis involving the beautiful game, it’s almost impossible, as anything football related means getting the teams together, which is exactly what we can’t do? It’s impossible to play with one team, the teams need to be in the same place at the same time……

Back in 1996 Estonia didn’t turn up, (literally), and the Scotch just had to kick off to be awarded a 3-0 win. Once I’d seen the teamsheets I lumped on a 0-0 draw

The SAFCBlog Super Solution……

Football related✅
Socially distanced✅
TV coverage friendly✅

So rather than let the EFL fuck it up again, SAFCBlog proposes the following……

*A penalty shootout of 5 penalties each then sudden death
*No need for unnecessary travel, mixing etc

*No goalkeeper required

THE RULES…….. Like a penalty shootout, 5 each, taken from penalty spot. The obvious flaw is that penalties without a keeper are easy, (Grigg?…), so to cancel this out, the penalty taker has to do the classic, forehead on a mop and 8 full rotations in the D of the box, the player then has to run the 6 yards to the penalty spot and try and score the penalty within 5 seconds of his final spin. Simple✅ Fair✅ Entertaining✅Job done✅⚽️💥

Day 1 of Lockdown!!! Now’s the time to stop reading this shite.


Stay SAFE…. Stay SAFC ⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️

For Fucks Sake EFL, grow a spine…… we all know what’s coming, why leave it to chance?


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