SAFCBlog Sheffield Wednesday on Tuesday now it’s Wednesday Spezial Klub…

Last night = shite

The Fans Game,….

I love going to watch Footie, lockdown really hit home how important the relationship between the game and the attending public is …. Straw poll of 1, but even given last nights piss poor effort on the pitch…. From 1pm,it was all about, where you drinking? Anyone need a spare ticket? ….. I left on 58 minutes, but I saw my pals, I arranged to give a bloke i’ve never met from Sheffield a lift home from Shrewsbury in a few weeks, I’m pretty sure I caught the eye of a hot blonde WPC on a horse, I saw people I didn’t see during lockdown, I met a nice Irish man from Manchester etc etc going to Footie is fucking mint, 100%🌎

Fans 1 vs Fans 1….

Huge police presence last night = criminal lack of effort?🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️

Last night was bad, I left on 58 minutes, I understand some folk don’t look on this favourably? I’m lucky, (*), that I have the resources and the time that means I’ve got nowt better to do on any given Saturday or Tuesday…. A huge part of the appeal of Footie is opinions differ, I get the idea some people don’t like early leavers, I get that, I love SAFC, (unconditional), I won’t boo them, my choice is to go home rather than abuse them…. Ultimately we are 100% in this together lads and lasses⚽️

What a time to be alive…..

Still limited availability……

There’s no place I’d rather be…..

“Whatever Jess Glynn….”

I’ll be honest, Mansfield in the cup and Bradford U23 in a worse cup is a tough ask given I’m 85 miles from the SOL….

Boko Harem 1 vs SAFCBlog 0, (A. Rab, 12)
Poole FC 1 vs SAFCBlog 0, (Lubbock, S, 69j

Mansfield preview Thursday or Friday ….. see you at the SOL, it’s the only way 🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️

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