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A Life Without Football……

Nightmare……. absolute nightmare…..

Lots happening?

Yep, sadly most of it is shite…… Bootham Crescent is one of my favourite places, despite finishing top of the league, City did what City do and gassed it today…. poor performance, the Old Lady deserved so much better….

…… forget⚽️💜
“Always better to have loved and lost… than never loved?”

VAR ……

That went well?…. Villa about to stay up on goal difference…

Goal Difference 0 vs No Goal Difference 1

“Sticks and Stones…..”

Stewart Donald has been found out, I’ve never bought into it, but I’ve always been balanced in my opinions on him. He’s was militantly backed by the majority of our fanbase, he lorded it…. he’s now out of favour. Media reports suggest that he’s contacted the police to say he’s been called a c u next Tuesday online by SAFC fans….. give me fucking strength, I wouldn’t dream of wasting the polices time…. but fucking hell there’s a few things we could throw into the ring? 6 days til 31st July, time waits for absolutely no one???

Not long now…..

Super, Super Kev…..

As a club we are turbulent. Kev is a legend, (as are Ball and Defoe). We have a fine man in charge of our team, I’m aware the media are shithouses…. but…. unpopular opinion and tinhat time…..

  • KP has been retired 10 years and done nowt
  • Hearing him talk about a job that’s not available on Talksport lacks class
  • As aforementioned, media can twist stuff, but ‘no comment’ always an option, why the fuck is he commenting on Wyke and Grigg?
  • There’s no reason or evidence to suggest he will make a good manager
  • I’m 100% of the opinion that Phil Parkinson is the right man for the job, regardless of opinions he’s a class act, he rode a shit storm at Bolton with integrity & class – and may yet have to do the same here. KP a great goalscorer, but we have a man in place, please stay classy KP, please.
  • As I say, possibly unpopular opinion, but whether it’s work, friendship, relationships…. there’s a right way and a wrong way.

It’s Saturday…. it’s 3pm…. Crackerjack….

……CRACKERJACK!!! Couldn’t give a shit who we are playing, just want to play someone. EFL made it a bit more fun by making an absolute arse of it…. the team that finished 8th in our league went up, but we will be playing the team that finished 13th in the league above.

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The Beautiful Game………Back Soon 

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