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Ou Est Le Football?

Given my emotional investment in all things SAFC, I actually quite enjoy switching off for 9 weeks, that said I’m really looking forward to seeing the people I only see at the match….. I can’t believe we did over a year without The Beautiful Game, whilst 24 hour news and the powers that be, told us to stay home?
“Stay home…… get smashed”

Blogging a dead cause……

Bollocks man, SAFCBlog is the Premier North Yorkshire Based SAFC Digital Blog, (I think?). Fixtures out Thursday, I’ll write something about this event, but….. I can’t go on Day 1, I can go to the other 45 games, on balance….. better grounds, less travel, so all gravy✅⚽️

“Plymouth, Portsmouth and Exeter Away??…… nah, you can get fucked⚽️“

No footie for a bit, arguably its a bad time to write a blog, I’m not having that shite….. the local press, podcasts, messageboards, youtubers etc have everything needed in terms of talking shite….. next blog for me will be Noel Gallagher, (Halifax Away), then Skylights, (Leeds Away)….. then The Championship⚽️✅⚽️✅

Unsocial Media Systems…..

I like Twitter, I’ve made some great pals through it, I’ve had some real laughs, helped a few people out, (I think), I’ve even launched a business through Twitter…… I’m genuinely humbled anyone reads this shite, please don’t be offended that I’ve unfollowed everyone, (DM’s always open, but my nature is to be a miserable, unsociable twat…. thanks for your understanding).
SAFCBlog – Unsocial Media Systems – FTM
Animals 1 vs People 0, (Morris, J, 26)

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