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Not quite sure whether Lockdown is finished? For 10 weeks I was writing an article daily for SAFCBlog…. the last 3 weeks, it’s once a week. It would be nice to say I’ve had a load of emails dismayed at the lack of blogs….. the reality is…. I haven’t; a man called Colin Greenwood emailed to say he’s now allowed on public transport with a carer….apart from that, no one seems to give a shit? 
Anyway…. I’ll continue to post when time allows; I’m busy with a new, (sort of football related), project.

“Thankyou for you loyalty and support you Thick Northern idiots…..

The Owners of SAFC…….

I’ve said everything I want to say about them. I always thought things would deteriorate, I’m not sure, (and genuinely worried), about how low we can go? I’ve never trusted them, any bridges that were in place are burnt, they are full of shit. I feel sorry for Jacks dad, (new CEO), he’s been brought into a shambles. No doubt the parasites, (oh the irony eh Charlie?), who are in charge of our club, will crop up on the Jim White Show soon, citing the victim card?

I’m of the belief that the Americans will assume control of the club. It’s a horrible time, Wigan in admin today, Oldham an hour or so from admin….. all football clubs are equal in that they court unconditional love from their fans – Sunderland will probably be ok due to our size, fanbase and infrastructure ? Think Bury vs Bolton….. but it’s a testing time for an awful lot of clubs.

Charlie Says…….

“Eton educated chap questions spending of Northern Parasites…..”

Monies Owed……

£21 million is a healthy amount of money….. anyway, I’ve covered that before. Crucially, biting the hand that feeds you is not good? I’d have happily waived a refund, if the money was going to the Foundation of Light, local community, into a healthy SAFC…. but they can get fucked. I now want every penny from the parasites.

Cheques in the post…..

SAFC tried to dodge refunds…. the EFL said No….. simples? It should be? There’s a guy who works in my local newsagent who supports Bradford, he got all his money back a few weeks ago. So, I’ll just click a link and SAFC will refund my money? Like fuck they will…..

It matters not if you are a billionaire or do not have a pot to piss in, the money is yours – choosing what to do with your money is your choice.

Ok….. should have time to click the link in the next 4 weeks? A cynic would suggest….. you’re hoping I’ll forget?
All the staff I deal with at SAFC are brilliant, so I’ll never ‘shoot the messenger’…. but that isn’t a refund?

“Customer is king?”

Our City…. Our Club…..

It’s on it’s arse due to a few knobbers….. but it’ll be right. Might take time, but it’ll be right 100%

Wonderland 12 Vs Oxford 1 (Grigg own goal)

On the pitch…..

Hoping Moyes gets relegated….

Hoping Huddersfield don’t come down, (on the basis they use parachute payments for something other than *pissing up a wall*)

Off the pitch…..

SAFCBlog favourite Lady Diana would have been 59 today…..

Di AFC 12 Vs Camilla Rovers 1
Debbie Harry …. 75 today

Back next week…..

“For Those Who Know……”

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