SAFCBlog sort of World Cup preview, (shit)

The World Cup is almost here, it’s no secret I’ve got huge reservations, primarily due to the human rights issues and in particular the homophobic regime of Qatar. It’s abhorrent that the peoples game is taking it’s main event there, realistically the real crime was the corrupt award of the tournament 7 years ago? God only knows how the 10-12% of gay international footballers and their families must feel, it’s absolutely disgusting, I feel for the media, staff, players etc as it’s not their fault it’s happening and whilst not good, like us all in our working lives, they have an obligation / job to do. So whilst less giddy than normal, I will watch, I’ve flattened my wallchart and will get it up this week, on Monday and Friday next week England will be playing at the World Cup⚽️❤️🍺🍕🛏💥


Let’s see, there’s better teams than us, but knockout football doesn’t always lead to the best teams prevailing, we have a favourable group, we should beat Iran on Monday, after the excitement of Friday night football last week, I’m bang up for us absolutely smashing the USA next Friday night💥⚽️💥 Can’t wait – seems like ages since last Friday

International Football

SAFCBlog is a league 1 > Championship publication, given there’s no club footie, I’m going to mostly have a few weeks off from writing this shite, but it would be remiss not to acknowledge any SAFC connection to the WC.

Jewison Bennette

His 20 minute cameo at Watford was as enjoyable 20 minutes as I’ve had watching SAFC in years, he clearly needs game time, he’s young, raw and as fit as a butchers dog, him playing 3 games in 12 days can only be a good thing for us.

Bailey Wright

This is exactly how I want my captain to look after guiding us to Wembley 🇦🇺 ⚽️❤️✅

I love Bailey Wright, he’s brilliant, I don’t know many Aussies but the ones I do know are class. Obviously come July I’ll be less keen on them 🏏, whilst it was hugely frustrating queuing online for Ashes tickets the other week, when I had much more pressing stuff to deal with, it’ll be worth the wait and always good to have plans✅💥

The rest, ex players etc

I’m claiming Pickford and Henderson as they are effectively ours, hopefully in 4 years we’ll still have Patterson, but if not I’ll claim him too

Brian Oviedo

Whilst we change manager every 10 months, I have no angst with any of them,(*), I had a bit of a man crush on the king of the merino softwash Jack Ross, I liked Parkinson more than most, (personal reasons), it didn’t work out for Phil, but football is real life and he’s a really good kind man, despite dressing like a shit geography teacher, he’s a fine man. David Moyes is a dick, he sucked the life out of our club, he signed Oviedo because he used to play for Everton and he had the right agent? For some reason, Oviedo was lorded for his attitude, I’d run about for £30k a week? He also cost us 2 points with a petty red card at 1-1 vs Rotherham when we were in a position to win the game?

Two of my best pals are called Brian, it’s a good solid name, but not overly Costa Rican? SAFCBlog rating 5/10, (bonus point for being called Brian 🇮🇪🥛)

Jonny Williams

Good player in a shit team, felt sorry for him on STID with his bin bag, (get a proper bag Jonny, I travel light but I at least have a smart fabric green overnight bag), just a shit version of Pritchard?
SAFCBlog rating 4/10


Just a darker version of the ginger piss biscuit? Fucked off to Newcastle, ok at football, but inexcusable SAFCBlog rating 0/10


Good servant, we got top dollar, appreciate keepers aren’t proper footballers and just stand about, but he must be quite old? SAFCBlog rating 8/10


He had magic in his boots, that goal vs Chelsea was my dads penultimate game, I love him, I even sponsored him, sadly Moyes sucked the life out of him💔


I’ve got his match worn shirt somewhere, (must be XS?), more chance of it fitting me than when he pitched up at Man City for the first game of the relegation season, quite an achievement for a Muslim to put on 2 stone over Ramadan?, (other religions available) SAFCBlog rating 10/10


Can’t really remember SAFCBlog rating 5/10


Seymeno #26✅Accrington 3-0✅ Not rained off✅ Travelled home clothed✅

Ran about a bit when we won 3-0 at Accrington in that lovely black away shirt SAFCBlog rating 4.7/10

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