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No Game = No Blog……

Nah, journalism never sleeps, we might not have payed yesterday, but there’s still plenty going on at The Good Ship Sunderland….

Not all Division 3 teams are blessed with a plethora of International Superstars, so not everyone had the day off yesterday. Each season there’s a surprise package in this league, by this I mean someone you’d assume who would be crap, who do really well….. Luton, Wycombe, Coventry etc…. Like most others Plymouth weren’t on my radar,

Since losing at Rotherham, (easily done), on the opening day, they’ve not lost in 16 games since! They visit us next month, their league games before then are, Charlton, Wycombe, Wigan & MK Dons….. so we will have a pretty good idea by then if they are the real deal?
What ever happened to Phil Brown?

A Pizza The Action…..

We won this cup last season, but gassed promotion….. we may well win this cup this season too, but that’s completely detached from the Ultimate aim? I’m sure we’ll beat Oldham…… cups can compliment our progress, but in isolation they mean the square root of fuck all, (equation of opinions as always)

The Case For The Midfield……

Goals and clean sheets win games, but any decent team in any league has main man in midfield, I only saw 58 minutes of our capitulation at Hillsboro the other week, Wednesday were only average, but Barry Bannan completely bossed midfield? I’m not saying we need someone to do amazing things, just someone to make us tick? We’ve seen flashes from Dan Neil, but he’s young and Raw. 3 seasons ago I wrongly predicted that Dylan McGeough was good enough to build a team around, who’s that man now? I’m really not sure, if we can get the best out of Pritchard he has the potential to be the best player in this division, but that a big IF…..

Up Next….. Ipswich Town….. MASSIVE Game

We play Ipswich on Saturday, for lots of reasons this has the feel of a pivotal game, I really rate Paul Cook as a manager, I hope that beating us isn’t as simple as, Just push up 15 yards and hassle them? No one know what will happen, I sincere hope we win, I’m not that busy this week, so no doubt I’ll pen various match previews.

Hindsight Hotspurs 0 vs Future Fluffers 1, (Fox, S, 22)

“Just lump on Ipswich Bruce, SAFC can’t defend to save their fucking lives….”

HINDSIGHT IS A WONDERFUL THING…..”, proper knobberchopper phrase that? The inability of anyone to accurately predict the future, renders hindsight a complete pipe dream? Coulda, shoulda, woulda etc…. BIG day Saturday for LJ…. fingers crossed we can get back on track, if we can’t – it will be very difficult for him.

A long December….. maybe this year will be better than the last? 🔴⚪️⚫️

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