2022/23…. The makings of a good squad🔴⚪️⚫️

Alex Neil did a remarkable job getting us promoted last season, we’ve looked decent pre season, we made a load of changes for the Bradford game and we were hapless, it’s clear that the squad depth is not good enough, we desperately need another striker, (realistically two).

Alex Neil pretty much said, “the squad depth is a worry”🔴⚪️⚫️
Don’t just take Alex’s word for it, similar assessment from Pissy Si🔴⚪️⚫️

What we’ve Got vs what we Need….

In Goal……
  • Patterson has done really well, although at this level we will need another good keeper
  • Injury always a possibility
  • All keepers susceptible to loss of form/confidence
  • I actually think this is an easy fix, as every Premiership club has a 3rd choice keeper, who won’t feature in the Premiership, but is comfortably good enough to play at our level. It’s a win/win, for the player and both clubs

The case for the Defence…..

  • I think we’re ok at the back, recruitment has been good and we have a reasonable amount of depth

In the Middle….

Football is at it’s best when it entertains, the source of most entertainment on a football pitch emanates from the boots of midfield players. With this in mind, there’s always room for extra quality in this position. I’m not sure we will add anymore in this position, which means it’s a big season for some of those already there….. Embleton looks like he can make the step up? The jury is out on Matete? I don’t think Diamond is good enough? (As always, its all about opinions), needless to say, I’d love Diamond to prove me wrong.

Clarke and Roberts are good signings, especially Roberts, it’s a huge season for him and I firmly believe he has magic in his boots. Whilst in recent years we’ve lacked goals from midfield, if these two can reach 15 goals between them, that will be a huge bonus.

In Attack…..

  • Ross Stewart is fantastic, we are desperate for more in attack though
  • We got away with it last season, if he’d got injured, we’d have been fucked, it didn’t help that Defoe took his bat home, but we dodged a bullet and we cannot go into the season without significant additions up front
  • Talk of Troy Parrot on loan from Spurs?
  • Ongoing talk of Broadhead. There’s no doubt Alex Neil knows how to get the best from him✅ He’s decent✅ Everton are fucked and will get relegated, so it’s a good move for him✅ Two hamstrings last season❌ As a club we will no longer pursue like a la Borini and Defoe❌ I’d like him to sign, but the key is we get someone in ASAP✅

New Additions…..

When that short armed gobshite prick sold Bali Mumba to Norwich for £300’000 it was shameless asset stripping of our wonderful academy. Things are different now, things are better, the lad from Burnley could be a great signing. Last time we were in The Championship, we were an absolute gutless, spineless shower of shite, *led* by one of our worst managers ever, Coleman was thicker than the proverbial Whale Omlette – this time we’ve got a great manager and a proper plan…..I reckon we’re going to do alright?….. don’t think twice, its going to be alright

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