SAFCBlog Statement Sundays

SAFCBlog statement Sunday

SAFCBlog Statement Sunday

SAFCBlog statement Sunday
Sunday + freezing = Premier Passions, (again)

Bizarrely even in a time when every day is the same, I still feel more tired on a Sunday. New week tomorrow – same old story, or is it?

Not just an Eton Mess…. we are completely Donald Ducked?

The only surprising aspect of the numbers coming out of some Insurance Brokers in Oxford, is that we didn’t have to wait til July for confirmation of just how the club has been treated the last two years. Safe to say the Jury is no longer out? I don’t expect we’ll hear anything from them this week – which is ironic as the whole gig was based on transparency and a love of microphones? I really couldn’t give a shit what they’ve got to say anyway – suspect they’ll crop up with some words on The Jim White Show – he likes that kind of interview? 

Whilst the numbers in the news the last few days potentially put the club at risk, it might now be easier to sell?

Whilst we won’t be hearing much from our owners, Boris will be on TV soon….

“What can possibly go wrong????”

What the fuck is going on? 

I would say when you’ve got to explain your slogans, you need a new slogan writer? ( if you want me to help Boris). Political allegiances completely irrelevant  – by way of balance the biggest battle to be had is with a liberal, half arsed society that would only be more prevalent if the other lot were in charge? 

Virus of Opinions as always. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think we’ll look back on this as something we handled particularly well? And people still think we should be playing football matches? I know the economy is on the slide, it’s costing me like many others, but what the fuck? ‘Staying Alert – that’s the kind of thing you look for Flanagan to do when we concede a 89th minute corner – not how you tackle a Global Pandemic with no vaccine? As for why the writing has changed from Red to Green – subliminal, subconscious …. the two colours mean two very different things?



SAFCBlog statement Sunday

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All a bit political? Yes, but don’t worry – tomorrow is the anniversary of beating Everton to stay up and send the Mags down – lovely….. whack that volume up….

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