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Another great day at Wembley yesterday ❤️????⚪️⚽️❤️

Alex Neil

Alex Neil, (2nd right)

Alex Neil did well for us, he got us promoted, he was the architect of that wonderful day at Wembley when we all started to fall in love❤️. His last game was the victory at Stoke in September, I’d grown to like him, I trusted him as our manager, he’d clearly already spoken to Stoke before that game though? The Saturday after we lost at home to Norwich, (if we’d had a manager present to make the necessary subs, we’d probably not have lost the game), the same day he was sat in the stands at Blackburn watching Stoke play whilst contractually still our manager. I’m not a bitter or envious person by nature, but he didn’t need to be at Elwood Park that day? I fully accept that people move on, that football is real life, (location, family priorities, £1.4 million PA vs £500k PA), but it’s important to always stay classy and treat people with respect etc…. He didn’t, he behaved like a prick, when we won at Wembley he should have secured a place in our hearts, sadly his conduct means I think he’s a dick of the highest order

Ain’t that a real shame?

No midweek game

Thank goodness, we look absolutely fucked. I love a midweek game and I had a lovely time at Rotherham on Tuesday, but this group of players look like they need a rest.

Strikers, Goals etc


Whilst we don’t have any strikers, Coventry do, Dwight Gayle is naturally a worry but he’s only netted once in 27 games, so suspect his focus is gangsta rap and shagging rather than football, thankfully the rest of them seem utter shite?

Not exactly prolific?

Are Stoke any good at Association Football?

They seem bang average, recent form is erratic

They’ve got 40 points from 34 games, which puts them both safe, (9 points off the bottom 3), and with no chance of promotion, (13 points off the top 6). Realistically our season will most likely fizzle out in a similar way. But, we have a good manager, we have good owners, we have a good squad, it’s been a good season, (managing expectations etc)

SAFCBlog predicts….. we may as well win and keep things interesting… SAFC 2 vs SCFC 0⚽️⚽️⚪️????????????????????????‍☠️⛳️????????????????????⚽️❤️????⚪️????????

Le Weekend ????????

SAFCBlog favours staying in vs going out, but potential for a right weekend??

Friday night…. Skylights in Boro

York’s finests❤️

Saturday night…. The Voyd in Newcastle

Sunderland’s finest❤️ Might even stop over in Sunderland ❤️????

Those purple smocks from independent terrace wear retailer Fritidsklader look very, very rock n roll

I might get one?
Cumbrian farmhand and Fanny magnet, Gaz Summerson
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