SAFCBlog Sunday Sermon, (Live from Positively 4th Street)

Positivity Panthers 0 vs Negative Nomads 4 (Short 18, Donald, 26, Methvren 60, Storey 72)

I thought we’d win yesterday, on the balance of play we should have won the game, it ended up as a draw, not the result we wanted, but better than a defeat?

Game 1 of 46
The Stats…..
A lick of paint away from 3 points…..

A game of very fine margins……

After a terrible start, we controlled the game both in terms of possession and chances. We are the biggest club outside of the Premier League, that naturally brings pressure and expectation – sadly it doesn’t always bring realism? Aside from Power hitting the post, Dobson missing a sitter, Mark Little clearing off the line late on….we couldn’t quite get the 3 points

Mark Little, versatility personified

Football is a game of opinions, that’s fair enough, this Blog is essentially my opinions through the medium of Social Media. With this in mind I’m about to administer a Twitter Cull….

But you just said it’s all about opinions?

It is…… my opinion is that the fact we’ve gone through 9 permanent managers in 7 years, (some decent managers in that list too), suggests that this is a big job and we have absolutely no divine right to walk the league? I like Parkinson, he is the right man for us, I appreciate opinions differ.. that’s fine?

So why have I got an issue with others opinions?

I don’t have a problem with differing opinions, it’s actually healthy, but I can’t be arsed this week with……

  • The BBC commentary team, saying it’s a must win game and that McGeady should be played.
  • Hearing how Hibs are dong well in their pub league
  • Reading the clamour for Super Kev…. despite him leaving us in the shit, having no experience, touting himself on Talksport for a job that’s not available
  • Hearing how McGeady must play, despite being an arrogant, overweight, ageing player. He is divisive in the dressing room, he’s a bully to younger players…..
  • Reading shite from some fictional clown with a big beard

I’m disappointed with a draw, the players will be, the manager will be,our entire fanbase will be… but is just 1 game.  

Match highlights from the genius that is Sunderlad…. loving your work as always

Final thoughts…….

Much has been said about the referee yesterday and the shithousery displayed by Rovers in the last 10 minutes or so…..

It’s annoying, but it’s going to happen

Rovers time wasting was recognised by the referee, 8 minutes added on was good to see, so often refs just opt for the safe option of 4 or 5 minutes. I haven’t watched Dobson’s dismissal again, perhaps looked harsh? That  said it didn’t affect the game an he will be less of a miss than Wright, (who should have been sent off). Whilst though O’Brien did ok, I cannot stand players diving – so hopefully he cuts out that shite.

Onto Oxford……
We’ll win next week, no bother

So let’s try and stay positive eh? Let’s leave the delusional stuff to those idiots up the road.

SAFCBlog – Positive Media

“All Robert Allen Zimmerman aren’t we?”

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