SAFCBlog Sunday Sermon

SAFCBlog Sunday sermon

Less is More?

Owing to a combination of no games, the club being a shitshow and being as busy as a Japanese Prisoner of War with a new work project, SAFCBlog is now weekly rather than daily – not a bad thing?


SAFCBlog Sunday sermon
“Thou Shalt Not Go To The Match…..”

Super Saturday…..

Sometimes I’m ashamed to be part of the UK Media….. Super Saturday conjures up images of Roy Keane vs Viera, Man Utd vs Liverpool etc….. not the opportunity to get a haircut and go for a pint in the wake of a pandemic that has killed about 50’000 people on these shores? 

Anyway, no such worries for SAFCBlog, I’ve learnt to cut my own hair and I’ve got beer at home …. apart from Matchday, pubs are shit anyway…..

Dogs……. better company than people

Sunday…… The Day We Pray The Game

Church not really my bag, (bit far fetched for me), I’ve no idea if the churches are now open for prayer, I guess they probably are?

SAFCBlog Ambassador Charlotte Church – Well Fit Singer

EFL are gonna rock you…..

As previously covered, the EFL are a complete fucking shambles – at least Exeter didn’t come up, (it’s miles), hopefully Portsmouth go up, (it’s miles and crucially, they at least displayed some moral fibre in their vote – proper club too). 

I’ve not, (as yet), owned a football club, to get the green light to own a football club, one must past the fit & proper persons test….

‘Fit & proper???’ …. more like ‘tit and pauper???’

Whole new level at Wigan Athletic though, they have been put into administration by their owner, (of 7 days)…. the story that I expect to emerge this week, makes SD and CM look like a Dream Team!

Wigan….. a pier into their finances will alarm the very best of movers

Season ticket shithousery….

We’ve all been through different stages of our careers, cheques used to be great…..2 cheques, 2 envelopes, get them mixed up and payment could be delayed by 10-12 days…. spend January and February writing the wrong year on the cheque, nightmare, another delay….needless to say, SAFCBlog would not sully its reputation with such behaviour, but plenty did. The refund process is a fucking shambles…..

  • I’ve no idea whether I’ve renewed for next season
  • I got an email a few weeks ago to say I would get a bit of credit for next season, (not really a refund?). The staff, are now on daytime TV leave, so fuck knows what’s happening there?
  • I’ve got a 6 day window at the end of the month to claim a refund on my Blackpool and Southend away tickets, (it’s almost as if they want people to forget, surely not?)


“Refunds? Yep, no problem… you can trust us”

Juan Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest…..

He did nowt wrong, Donald and Methven just elaborated on his involvement a tiny bit? Strange though as you’d think that any sensible, South American billionaire, married to a super model heir to the Monaco Royal Family would dream of being involved in a League 1 club? I’m sure he’s not given SAFC a single thought since it went tits up, (whereas I believe SD will have). I’d guess Juan is sunning himself, having a beer with Diego Maradona….

Diego Maradona Street Art….

You’ll Win Nothing With Kids…,..

Prior to Alan Hansen’s departure from Match of the Day, he famously said this. I quite liked his analysis, sadly the 10.30pm slot on a Saturday night was never going to be conducive to his recreational interests….

“Aye pal, plenty of chilli sauce please…”

Well we definitely won’t win anything with kids…. as we pretty much give them away to Premier League clubs prior to them signing a pro contract with us….

“Rochdale got a million quid from wolves for that kid with the shit hair, give Delia a ring and tell her Norwich can have Bali Mumba for £350k and a cookbook, but we need to do the deal today and it’s sold as seen”…….”Del, but he’s worth 4 times that?”……..

SAFCBlog…… Powered by German Lager and High Quality Terrace Wear

Jobs fucked?… shite owners, division 3, no games….. nah, it’ll be right STID. Just got to keep believin’…….


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