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Football is back, it’s not how it is normally, but I’m excited nonetheless. One huge difference is not seeing you mates on a matchday – this means no one to chat about football with? Thankfully the internet affords the opportunity to publish shite on the internet under the guise of Blog…. what a time to be alive?

Bud The Horse RIP

I love animals, I’m not really a horse person, but they are wonderful animals. Bud had been retired from the Police, sadly he has passed away.

Newcastle fans are a strange breed, they…. shout at shops, come to our games, smash up their own city, write on bedsheets…. long before that crank Tyler, starting wandering round offices and car parks filming himself….. a grown man punched a horse!!!

The strangest of strange behaviour….
Yes we’d beaten them 3-0, but a grown man punching a horse???
Bud shows his colours…..
Horses love mints, here’s bud enjoying some ‘Paulo Mints’
2 in row soon became 6 in a row……”lock up your horses, there’s gonna be hell”

What’s the Storey Morning Glory?

When Britpop made the headlines…..

Game of opinions, but it was a no contest? Southern Student Types or Northern Kings of Cool. I guess history has confirmed what we already knew?

It’s a game of opinions…..

Britpop 1 vShitpop 0, (Gallagher, 73)

That’ll fit with Financial Fair Play then?

I’d assumed this clown was American, he looks very American? He’s getting a bit of press coverage sadly, we are an easy target for any gobshite who has a Twitter Account. 

Takeover imminent……

First of all, it’s appropriate to say I have no idea. Game of opinions but I don’t think any of the media has any idea? When Donald was still talking, he consistently broke promises and talked shite, (according to some opinions – not necessarily mine). He’s now not talking, but why anyone would think that would change the veracity of his approach is beyond me.

Big word Sunday Rovers 1 vs Tinpot Blogger Town 0, (Fry, 34)

The truth is…… I’m not sure there’s any truth? I reckon the early interest from the FPP bid was genuine, this landed on Donald’s lap and possibly gave him a feeling that selling for top whack was going to be a piece of piss?

Actions generally speak louder than words and the saga doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon? Football is an emotional business, people have preferred clothes brands for example, football is different….. it’s really different…. naming kids, naming houses, tattoos, planning holidays around it….. football is different from other interests? If it wasn’t, we’d walk away and go to a club that wasn’t a complete fucking shambles, we can’t do that. A cynic would suggest we just get fed scraps of info and teasers at intervals appropriate to keep it in the news?

I’ve not, (to date), acquired or sold a football club, I’m sure it’s fairly complicated – I have bought and sold the odd house though, I’m not for one moment suggesting the two scenarios are similar, but…….

  • A couple earning £25k PA each, could borrow in the region of £220k to buy a house. Let’s say they have £60k saved? Adding the £220k of borrowed/someone else’s money, they can facilitate the purchase of a house for £280k
  • The happy couple now ‘own’ a gaff with a value of £280k – happy days
  • Obviously the value of said property would hopefully appreciate, but let’s for arguments sake, it stays at £280k
  • The couple decide after 18 months that owning a house isn’t for them and decide to pursue an alternative lifestyle.
  • Understandably, the sale price is £280k…. 
  • They are the owners of said house, so when it sells for £280k they get to keep all the money. So despite only putting in £60k they get £280k – I’m pretty sure the lender / mortgage provider won’t mind not getting their money back?

Anyway…. all just hypothetical, idle, lazy speculation

“I know nothing”

Takeover Gobshite Rovers 0 vs Apple Turnover Athletic 1, (Grossman, 16)

Just tell them what they want to hear….

So, new day tomorrow, new week tomorrow too, new month in 3 weeks, new year in 4 months etc……”Non Disclosure Agreements, Periods of Exclusivity, end of the month, before the season starts, interested parties, consortiums, investments, COVID-19”…..bored of all that now.

Team 1 vs Regime 0, (Anichebe, 57)

Aston Villa U23s  on Tuesday, Bristol Rovers on Saturday – that’s all that matters. Keep the faith and never stop believing⚽️⚽️

SAFCBlog – Equestrian Unsocial Media – FTM

Fly High Bud💜 🐴

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