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Absolute shocker of a game yesterday, we now have 9 sleeps til we probably don’t play Port Vale in a Pizza Cup match that we probably don’t want to win anyway- Glory Days these are not?

Futile Fluffers FC 0 vs Blog Bangers AFC 0, (AET)

”new material????”

The Sun Always Shines on TV…..

Historically I don’t watch a lot of footie on TV, attending 50+ games a season and an affection for the ‘occasional’ game of golf and the ‘odd visit’ to the local alehouse – there’s only so much you can do and remain delightfully happily married? At present I’m watching football on TV every day, it’s oft said that the Premiership isn’t where it’s at? I watched Northampton vs Sunderland yesterday and Chelsea vs Man City today… The Premiership is 100% very much where it’s at! It’s just not a comparison….. think a fat lass who has her lunch at Greggs vs a 5 Star Spa Break with Anna Friel.

Division Three Doggers FC 0 vs Premiership Panthers AFC 1, (Friel, A 22)

Track & Trace Tosspots 0 vs Curfew Crusaders 1, (Cummings, D, 66)

This blog is bad enough when we are playing every 4 days, I dread to think where it’s headed the next few months. I don’t think we’ll play Port Vale next Tuesday, by which time I don’t think the schools will be open, I think we will be on a 1 hour outdoor exercise schedule, evening curfews and food and pharmacy shopping only….. but what do I know?

Injury News……

Not sure what to make of this? It’s a bit like buying a house next to a school for the deaf ……does it mean there will be noise or there won’t be noise? Is 3 weeks better or worse than 9 months? It’s difficult one.

Lee Watch…….

The Club Issue Coat has been a negative, the MC Hammer Keks have added insult to injury. And those trainers?? I guess there’s no official dress code for managers, but this isn’t good enough Lee! Have a look in the cupboard in the canteen, word is Jack Ross may have left a coat and a couple of 30 degree softwash merino cardigans in there.

Blogging a Dead Horse…..

As aforementioned, I genuinely think we’ve seen the last SAFC game til August, obviously that makes match previews & reviews redundant! Don’t worry ….. The Blog will go on…. FTM

No Footie……. what’s the point?
The thing there’s every point, football is beautiful, when we’ve not got it there’s a void. I reckon the next 10 weeks will be shite, I will endeavour to write this shite regularly – tough times though, be kind, talk, email, zoom, smoke signals…. do whatever. If you feel like you don’t want to feel, contact a friend….. email me on……. whatever it takes. You only ever regret the things you don’t do…….

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